The Issue Is Not Election Fraud

peopleDr. Dannielle (Dossy) Blumenthal – You know that.

They just don’t want a 1) wildly popular 2) un-threatenable, and above all 3) America-first President in charge.

JFK was like that. Trump was like that. Surely someone else is waiting in the wings.

Who will they destroy next with the accusations — mentally unstable, corrupt, racist or antisemitic, tyrannical, bullying, yada yada yada.

Underneath it all is the seamy fact that certain people who’ve been near the levers of power for a long time, maybe a lifetime, think they know better than the people.

More than that, they have interests of their own and they make deals of their own, and an educated nation of critically thinking, prosperous, calm and focused citizens cannot coexist with their plans.

Instead of simply identifying and fixing problems, which would empower people, this silent ruling class must keep us distracted. For example, “transphobia” (I have nothing against transgender people and think their civil rights should be protected) is not a national crisis. A ransomware attack on our fuel supply surely is. Cybersecurity in general is a major concern at all times.

The ruling class (which always exists in some form and draws from different segments of society) conveniently pushes its own agenda by magnifying mild issues. For example, there were useful non-vaccine treatments for Covid, which was benign in most people. Nevertheless the ruling class got to fund genetic research, which they wanted. They got lockdowns which meant they got massive insecure mail-in voting.

Why do they want you constantly scared? Because perpetual anxiety and unnecessary crisis lead people to beg the “fatherland” or “nanny state” to fix their lives. It’s a setup for true tyranny. And you know that you are living under tyranny when your freedom of speech (not terrorist speech, not incitement to violence) is curtailed as inherently “dangerous” to others.

I find meaning in being a free and independent voice despite being shamed and censored by some for the crime of being a proponent of Trump and his corruption-crushing agenda, which likely included a now-defunct psychological operation known as “Q.” (Socially, you can support America-hating Antifa and BLM, which speaks volumes.)

I am inspired by other advocates for truth, justice and above all the vulnerable individual. This goes way back to the 2000s and the victim advocacy movement in the Jewish community, fighting to stop pedophile rabbis just like pedophile priests in the Church. Same machine existed to shut the innocent down.

It’s not about politics. I don’t care who you support politically. It’s about people.

I believe that we are living through the End Times, through the ultimate and final battle between good and evil.

#GodWins. Join me. Walk away from the mob, literally, whatever mafia controls your neck of the woods. Cast your lot with the believers, for He will never fail us.

SF Source Dannielle Blumenthal Jun 2021

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