The Main Theme For April Is “Creating The New”

AprilLena Stevens – There are many other themes at work this month: adaptability, adjustment, acceptance, surrender, transformation, change, assimilation, deeper meaning, and others. Although we are definitely working all of these themes on a daily basis, given where we are and what we are dealing with in these times, “Creating the New” supports us to be more proactive and affective with the process instead of being at the effect of our personal and global situations.

April is a very fertile month full of opportunities even if they are not yet apparent. There is an energy that wants to manifest outwardly even if it is just in new ideas and seeding a creative foundation for a future project.

Even as many of us are quarantined with insecure plans or directions and are not sure about anything especially where and when to take action, and, even as our mobility has been compromised and the structures we have come to rely on are no longer becoming viable support systems, there is always something you can do in preparing the soil for the new seeds of creativity.

Making choices, clearing out the old and anything that no longer works for you is making good compost for future intentions. Focusing on creating the new instead of losing the old keeps us proactive and positive.

When a computer runs out of space and memory, it is time to shut it down, clean it up, get rid of the old files that are cluttering up the system, and add an internal upgrade. When it is rebooted, you have many more options, a learning curve for the new applications, and the kinks often need to be worked out.

If our planet is like a computer, it has now been shut down. A virus has corrupted our files and we are in the process of reworking everything. When it reboots, it will be a different operating system that will have to take some getting used to. When the computer is down, one has to use creative and alternative methods to complete tasks and communicate with others. This is a simple analogy of the bigger picture of where we are.

Creating the New requires adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness and adjustment. It also demands that we live our truth more than ever before. Authentic creation can only spring from the seed that you have within you that is connected to your own medicine, your own truth and your own purpose. We are given the opportunity to go into the void and connect with creative material we have not accessed or used before.

This is not about dismantling an old structure and then rebuilding something from old materials. This is about the old structures dissolving completely and new forms emerging from deep within.

We cannot rely on the external as the external world is unstable and in the process of great change and transformation as has been predicted by many indigenous peoples, channels and prophesies. It is up to each one of us to travel inward and to connect with our own internal source of power and creativity in order to create the new for ourselves and the planet.

Old ideals that are stubbornly holding on are like fierce weeds that threaten to choke out the seedlings that are emerging. These weeds have deep roots but as any living thing, they will also die if not fed.

What feeds them is fear, attachment, greed, competition and all the negative traits that have built up in our consciousness and global society over the past two thousand years. If you turn your attention away from the negative and always inward towards the void and positive creative possibilities, the weeds will weaken and die.

Another important aspect of the creative piece this month is working with the feminine and the second chakra. The second chakra holds a lot of information and is directly connected to the creative process. We are, as a global community, needing to clear and heal the feminine creative source, balance the destructive side of that coin, and open ourselves up to the power within.

The isolation through quarantine that many of us are experiencing gives us a perfect opportunity to be proactive with our time and energy. Don’t feel you have to fill up every moment with action. Contemplation, meditation, spiritual practices and simply being, with the intention of opening yourself up to your own authentic truth, creativity and medicine is always worthy and a good place to start. Then proceed with action when and as you receive clear inspiration. You have the benefit of distancing yourself from others so that your new creative ideas and inspirations have a good chance of being truly your own.

With that said, a cluttered environment is never supportive for clean, clear, and new creative ideas. Some of you may have to do some cleaning and clearing first. It is Spring after all! (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere)
Suggested and super helpful this month:

Monthly support Mp3 to work with the second chakra and access creativity (link here) Shamanic clearing of self, stuff and space (link here)

How the month shows up:

You Personally

Transformation, transformation, transformation. We have such an opportunity here to create the new and to transform our lives. Even those of you who are still working within old structures can intend that this time of change will somehow initiate the emergence of a new creative design that will eventually manifest a new form.

In a way, this is a time of great discipline. Discipline to think, be positive, and keep your spirits high. Discipline to try something new. Discipline to release the old. Discipline to do your spiritual practices. Discipline to change dysfunctional, non-productive and self-destructive habits. Discipline to communicate your truth. Discipline to follow through with your creative ideas and inspirations.

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