The main theme for June 2020 is “Keep it Moving”

June energiesLena Stevens – This is an unstable, somewhat volatile and unpredictable month where everything is intensified by eclipses and challenging astrology. It is easy to get stuck in one camp or another, one attitude or another, much like getting caught in an eddy on a river, not being able to paddle out easily into the main flow. It will take some discipline to “keep it moving” as well as determination to move the energy physically through the body in an appropriate and positive way.

Whenever there is instability and unpredictability, there is great support for change. We have to be careful that we don’t create change through negative reaction but rather through positive, determined and proactive focus, keeping track of our goals as everything seems to be dissolving around us.

The mind will spin in circles, creating anxiety and worst-case scenarios. The emotional center can be angry, vengeful, irritated, despairing or depressed. So it is up to the moving center to “keep things moving”.

We are all reacting to weeks of inactivity and impatient to “get on with it”. In the midst of “getting on with it”, it is important to honor the process of change, to accept what is wanting to dissolve, and to be proactive in a positive way and embrace the instability and unpredictability not as enemies, but rather as allies, supporting us to move in new directions.

The challenge this month will be to stay focused and grounded and not to jump into the pool of fear, anger and despair but rather to keep track of your own truth, goals and new directions.

This can be an incredibly creative month with many new insights, breakthroughs, new directions and enough energy to launch all of the above. The challenge will be to avoid distractions of drama and people behaving badly, nostalgia about what is being dissolved, and any resistance to change. You will need to look at your attachments, process the loss and move on. When in doubt, move your body. Walk, dance, run, do yoga, tai chi, chi gong and a walking meditation when possible. Including a spiritual practice with physical movement is optimal this month as it combines two very important elements that will keep you on the best track possible.

Any container that moves energy for you is welcome. Doing ceremony around what you see changing in your life as a way to proactively support the change is also a very good idea. A ceremony is nothing more that creating a sacred space, with a beginning and an end, to work with an intention or situation to gain clarity, movement and resolution. A ceremony can support initiating something or completing something. We are still in the process of the great “clean out” of old structures, belief systems, attitudes, relationships that don’t work, patterns that no longer serve, physical clutter, old dreams, old wounds, and attachments of any kind. So, keep cleaning and keep clearing.

Through discipline and focus, the opportunity you have this month is to achieve great movement in your life, creating and manifesting much more of what you desire for yourself in the future. The key will be to do whatever you can to keep it moving, keep it focused, keep it positive, keep it grounded, keep it neutral, keep it disciplined, keep it flexible and keep it fun.

Suggested and super helpful this month: Monthly support Mp3 to work with the energies of the month.

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How the month shows up:

You Personally

This is the month where the rubber meets the road. What are you made of? Where is your discipline? What is your truth? Can you stay neutral? You have the opportunity to gain much inner power and focus if you work with the influences this month in a positive way. There will be many distractions attempting to seduce you into the mob mentality of aggression, fear, despair, anxiety and negative reaction. Don’t go there. It truly is a distraction and none of us cannot afford to feed anything negative right now.

Spiritual practice combined with physical activity is the container that will keep things moving and give you grounding, purpose and clarity. Accepting things as they are is not necessarily the same as agreeing with them. This month change what you can personally in your own life, accept what you can’t, and stay out of the collective disruption, upheaval and fear as much as you can.

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