The main theme for September is “Flexibility and Trust”

September 2020Lena Stevens – We are carrying much anxiety over the future and the energies are all over the map. We don’t know what’s up or down and where we are going or what we should be doing half the time. We can’t make plans, and some days feel like one step forward and two steps back. We don’t know exactly where to focus our intentions or what intentions to make. And, we are still processing old emotional debris that continues to be uncovered during these stressful times.

Although this picture seems like a negative one, it describes a changing landscape, much like the aftermath of a sandstorm, and we are riding out a fairly significant sandstorm during these times. This month is about finding that place of inspiration and excitement for change, facing challenges proactively, and finding opportunity in the face of opposition and loss. The discipline will be to stay flexible and engage in trust, hope and confidence in your own ability to create and manifest a right future and a right livelihood.

Shifting your attitude from fear to excitement is key. Embracing change and being delighted with what is new will go a long way in keeping your level of enthusiasm high and your vibration light. When challenges come up or old trauma surfaces, celebrate the opportunity to move through them and reset your life. This month is about being proactive and not settling for a diminished experience. Even in the midst of pandemic restrictions, you can ignite your own creativity and inspiration with trust in your intuition, truth and emotional wisdom.

Let’s turn this month into an exciting and proactive time rather than a passive time of fear, despair and inertia.

Step one: be accepting of change.

Step two: practice the discipline of flexibility in all things. Let go of the past, let go of expectations.

Step three: trust your intuition, right timing and inner guidance as you contemplate taking action. Engage the support of your guides and allies.

Step four: be very disciplined about turning any fear, anxiety, despair or lethargy into powerful inspiration, excitement and positive action. Use creative expression to get the energy moving.

This can be a fantastic month of movement, evolution and emotional clarity. You will need to give up any attachments to past and future expectations, to feeling victimized, and to the need to be right. Things may look chaotic, unpredictable, unfixable and confused. The good news is that there is a new landscape and we do know that you can only fix current problems with new tools, and not the past ones that created the issues in the first place.

So, look to the future with hope and inspiration. Collectively we have the ability to change it for the better. We have no clue or idea what it will look like but we can feel into it with excitement and trust. Be flexible and willing!

How the month shows up:

You Personally

This is an important month to have disciplined spiritual practices to keep you moving forward in balance and positive directions. It is easy to fall into lethargy, despair and to feel utterly unmotivated to do anything. Having discipline for a simple practice such as getting up and greeting the sun every morning and calling in your allies and guides for support during your day, will go far in keeping you inspired. Moving the physical body is important as well. One of your disciplines could be to walk every morning without fail.

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