The new reality

22/23 March – Saturn into Aquarius
22/23 March – Mars conjunct Pluto
24 March – New Moon 4° Aries
24 March – Sun square Node of Fate
25 March – Sun conjunct Chiron
26 March – Jupiter square Eris
28 March – Venus trine Jupiter
28 March – Venus trine Pluto

March 9 Full Super MoonLorna Bevan – The new reality is ramping up, revealing itself minute by minute during another week of very high frequencies. As the Great Wheel turns, big events are lifting our consciousness to a whole new level … let it be.

On Monday 22nd, Saturn enters Aquarius for the first time in 29 years immediately aligning with Aquarius’ ruler Awakener Uranus. This explosive energy is going to start blasting open logjams of all sorts, especially in connection with Gaia, your resources and your health. The Lord of Time and Karma in progressive Aquarius will reveal the unintended consequences and blessings in our current restriction – globally expanded networks, flow tribes, information gathering and disseminating, teaching, coaching, open systems, collaboration, inventiveness.

Saturn will be in Aquarius until July 1 before retrograding back to the master degrees of Capricorn. Between now and July we are being given a taste of one of the brightest astrological beacons for along time-the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0° Aquarius at the December Solstice. For the inside track, buy: “Your Survive and Thrive Guide to Saturn in Aquarius 2020-23”.

On Tuesday 24th, the astrological New Year kicks off with the New Moon at 4° Aries conjunct Chiron and square the karmic Nodes of Fate.  Mars conjuncts Pluto increasing the volatility and high stakes of this unprecedented global quarantining. This blast of world Axis Aries energy will accelerate cutting edge, pioneering breakthroughs in the control, management and understanding of the Corona virus.

This is Universal Sacred Medicine. It starts with each of us taking responsibility for our own healing. Chiron brings the antidote, the medicine like lancing a toxic boil. What ails you is only and always what you think.  It is not the situation that causes your suffering but what your mind does with it.

You can view and experience social isolation/social distancing as frustrating or you can choose to embrace and experience it as a Retreat – an opportunity to turn inwards … to disconnect from 24/7 3D and instead appreciate the unintended consequences of coming home to yourself. Finding and then following the natural rhythms and flow of your life is hugely important for grounding. Your mind is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy. The High Heart is a frequency match for it so get used to thinking, feeling, perceiving and creating from there.

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The Chandra Symbol for the New Moon ARIES 5: The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.

“Honoring the spirit within at all costs. Insisting upon the deepest aspect in all things. You feel driven by the heart to go to any lengths to express and embody the realization of divinity.

Intoxicated with the Divine, called beyond, you are dedicated and consecrated and given over. Transported into other realms.

A frenzy of conviction that nothing matters except the Ultimate. Swept away. Released into the Cosmos. Liberated from the wheel. And expressing the inexpressible with consummate conviction.”

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