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timelineKatie Gallanti – First of all, as always there are forces and groups whose goal is to disrupt the anchoring of the positive timeline. And, as stated in the last newsletter, as usual, said forces tend to do this by creating maximum disruption for all. The good news, however, is that, despite these disruption efforts, the positive timeline is 99.9% anchored. There are, as usual, delays, but, delays aside, things are still moving in the right direction.

The Positive Timeline: Humanity’s Best and Highest Future

Since we often talk of the positive timeline, but have rarely filled in the details, it is worth taking a moment to get a feeling for what this post shift positive future may look like. We spend a lot of time, in general, currently, analyzing the challenges we are facing (which are many). While this is important I am being guided today to keep it brief and to take a moment to get a feel for the energy and future that we are aiming to fully anchor, which in turn will help us to continue to anchor the next stage of reality further.

First of all, while the form that the future realities may take varies, the energy and quality of that future will be one in which humans are free, empowered and sovereign. They will also be steady in a heart centered and evolved mind vibration. They will also be stepping up their vibration even further as a result of rapid and profound transmissions of light coming via our sun from the Core of Creation, which will help shake off much of the residual energetic debris that this planet still houses.

This will help many step up who were lagging behind, as suddenly many things will feel clear. As I have mentioned in several prior newsletters, not all Souls on this planet will travel into the post Shift reality. Many will leave the planet prior to this time to continue their learning on other planes, to take a break and rest in the higher dimensions, or to transition into new physical vehicles.

Those whose vibration is a match for the next level of reality and who have contracts in the new Earth timeline, will find that their bodies will become less dense, their minds will become clearer, their connection to the subtle and multidimensional levels of awareness will be enhanced. The connection with family of light of all kinds will increase as well as the connection to Source. People will become clearer about their missions and will find those missions easier to implement. From that clarity will emerge new structures and new ways of being in the world, both personally and collectively.

These new ways of being will be life enhancing, creativity enhancing, and soul enhancing. The new structures will not be born out of fear or imposed from above, they will be the natural product of a grass root renaissance, driven and guided by Source. Within a few years our societies will evolve and catch up with the higher blueprints of being that we actually already had during Atlantean times. Our primary change will be energetic and from that higher energy new forms and models of being will arise.

Timing: When Does The Shift Window Close and the New Reality Begin to Anchor?

As you remember the Shift Window was supposed to close in July and then was delayed until the end of the year. As I mentioned above, there have been some more delays, although this time the delays are intentional and set by the forces of light, in order to maximize the opportunities for all to raise their vibration, shed baggage, get clear, see truth, and move into a fully awakened state.

This has been done so as to maximize people’s opportunities to join the new timeline. In fact if you have some baggage and issues that you are working on the next three months are pivotal for doing the last pieces of core work. As such, I have been guided to offer some Core Clearing remote energy work sessions, focused less on clearing dark energy and more on clearing core programs, karmic baggage and contracts from all levels, in order to shed as much as possible during the next three months. See the specials in this newsletter in the next section below this article for details.

On a personal level, this is a maxi shedding time. And you will see that, if there is outstanding stuff for you to work on, the universe will bring that very loudly to your attention in the weeks and months ahead. As things stand right now, the end of the Shift Window is now set for May 2021, although the active “shedding part” will be concentrated from now until the end of February. We will then be preparing for the Shift and the focus between February and May will be on stepping up vibration and activation work of all kinds.

Collectively, in the outer world, expect an unprecedented level of change in between now and February, with clashes between light and dark intensifying, as the dark does all it can to gain control of this world. I am being guided not to go into details on this.

Use your own very fine tuned discernment when you are offered solutions to manufactured problems in the months ahead, remembering that Source s working in society from the ground up, rather than from the top down, with some exceptions, at this time. Be prepared for a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the next three to four months, as things will get very intense for a short while, until what is good will prevail, and then all will become much clearer for all.

Once we have pierced through that level, a grand influx of light will begin to stream through, likely starting beginning of March, and this will lift us all up, into a different energetic zone. From there, more rapid changes will occur, but of a different nature and vibration.

This will be a different kind of roller coaster ride, an exhilarating one, that will speedily lift us into the higher dimensional reality that we have all been working towards for many years. By the end of 2021 we will be in a very different world, and we will be very glad of the journey we have undertaken, and excited for all that is to come.

New Contracts in the New World

Often when I work with clients, I find that many people come to me during the same week or month, expressing very similar frustrations or experiencing similar problems. When this happens, this tells me that the issues they are dealing with are collective in nature or common to the whole body of light worker Souls.

At the moment, one of the common frustrations expressed seems to be that of feeling stuck, stalled, with no forward momentum with regards to one’s work or mission. Know that many Souls are stalled during the Shift Window, as they have already done a lot of the prep work, and are waiting for others and the world to catch up.

These Souls have contracts in the new world, but that world is yet to materialize, so they cannot get started until it does. Given all the delays of the past 3 to 4 years, those who have Soul Missions in the new world have been waiting a long time! As such it is very natural to feel stalled, stuck, frustrated.

Know that the cause of the stall is not you, the world is taking a little longer to manifest its new form. The planetary teams are saying to be patient as that wait will soon come to a close. A good use of your time, at this juncture, is to focus on helping the planet shift by raising your vibration and that of the collective.

Do Your Part in Expediting the Work

To expedite our collective shift process, it can be a good idea to spend some time daily focused on finding the peace inside the storm, the center within the collective energetic tornado. Find that place of light, stillness and peace.

Become an anchor of stillness. And in that stillness, evaluate your life and your daily choices. What is your best energetic contribution to the whole for that day? It may be just to radiate the stillness. It may be that of detaching your energy from collective currents and returning to the high frequency of Source. Or there may be something practical that needs to be done in 3D. Use this time to ask for guidance.

Use this time to anchor Source energy into this reality, so that things may rapidly shift. For this purpose I have also created a group on Facebook called Planetary Shifters, with weekly 30 minute meditations and energy processes aimed at shifting the collective energy higher, stabilizing the positive grids, and anchoring the positive timeline. Feel free to subscribe to my new You Tube channel Planetary Shifters, follow my weekly meditation podcast and request to join the Planetary Shifters FB group.

As is usual this time of the year, also check out the sessions, clearing, activations and bulk packages at heavily discounted rates. This is my biggest sale of the year and it is there to help people get their work lined up for the new year at much reduced prices. As always, only three items per each kind of service offered at the discounted rate, so inquire sooner rather than later, to secure your discounts. Several additional sessions this time aiming at clearing baggage and stepping up vibration in preparation for the shift.

Ok, so that will be all for this newsletter. I wish you a happy Christmas, a stupendous new year, and all that you need to be clam, centered and provided for during the times ahead. As we become mindful anchors of stillness, calm and soothing. As we become an anchor of the infinite in the day to day. We will see all around us rapidly transform for the benefit of all 🙂

Much love and blessings, Katie and Councils

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