The real reason we have a corrupt and unvirtuous government

governmentPatriots 4 Life – In this episode of “In the Woods,” Phil Robertson said the corrupt and unvirtuous government is concealing a lot from us, and until we unmask what our leaders are doing, they can — and will — “slick us.”

“We have ulterior motives here, just like the government,” Phil said while he and “Dan the Eunuch” built a duck blind from willow branches.

“They try to conceal a lot of stuff from the people, and until you unmask it and look at it for what it is, they can slick you. In this case, we’re trying to slick the ducks, make them think there’s food here. That’s what the government says, ‘There’s food here. We’ll feed you. We’ll house you. We’ll educate you. We’ll give you your health care. It’s free for everybody.’

You look up one day, and we’re $20 trillion in the hole. And you say, ‘Where’d the money go?’ Well … they slicked us, just like we’re fixing to slick these ducks. We’re doing the same thing the government does. Smoke and mirrors,” he added.

“We need to take away some of the brush in Washington, D.C., rake it back so we see what’s in there,” Phil went on to say. “I personally think that when the people become corrupt, unvirtuous, they elect corrupt and unvirtuous people to represent them. They wonder where the money went. They’re corrupt. They’re money-hungry. They want a handout. They don’t want to work. They elect people with the same mindset. So, if you say, ‘What’s the problem in Washington D.C.?’ Oh, we are the problem. The people are the problem. When the people’s hearts change, then and only then, will you see the politicians — which is a reflection of the people — we’ll see them change.”

SF Source Patriots 4 Life Jun 2021

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