The Religion of Leftism

leftismBruce Walker – Leftism pretends to be a system of thought, but it is nothing more or less than a secular religion.  It is godless, but godlessness is the most bigoted and intolerant of all belief systems, and the Ultra-Orthodox Church of Atheism adheres to no doctrine more fanatically than the impossibility of a Blessed Creator.  That accounts for its worship of Darwinism – evolution by natural selection – even though many great agnostic scientists like Sir Fred Hoyle have demonstrated the impossibility of Darwinism.  It also explains the deliberate misnaming of theories other than Darwinism as “Creationism,” although even the most average honest mind grasps that Creationism and Intelligent Design are independent theories.

What is the religious dogma of leftism?  There are several sacraments, each made utterly resistant to treason, experience, or logic by the druid clergy of leftism.  (1) There are immutable classes of victims and victimizers beyond remediation except through a constant procession of human sacrifices.  (2) There are institutions that demand more and more resources and that can never been considered failures.  (3) Nations are to be compressed into provinces of a world government and peoples into a single undifferentiated humanity.

Consider how this religious fanaticism plays out in practice.  Women, blacks, and other groups are automatically deemed hapless subjects of a heartless patriarchal, white, Christian, English-speaking…blah, blah, blah class of oppressors.  This is so even though the utterly unconstitutional practice of affirmative action has been in operation for half a century, and even though nearly every institution of society both public and corporate goes out of its way to present these “oppressed” groups as smart, sensible, and responsible.  The reality that anyone who is concerned about such prosaic values as truth knows is that the consequence of demonizing the notional oppressor classes are justified contempt towards the notional oppressed.

The infiltration of leftists into every institution of society – not just government and academia, but giant corporations and non-profit organizations – means that subtle pressure is being constantly exerted against individuals in society to adopt, whether they are aware of it or not, the party line of leftism.  So scientists who ought to know better are pushed into endorsing the religious doctrine of man-made global warming, and every research project ends up with the same result, no matter how the data going into the research may have changed.  Surprise! – the result always conforms to the catechism of leftism.

The federalization of all politics and the globalization of much of federalism, along with the idiocy of the whole world full of Americans who have just not found the best way to get into America, means that centralization is deemed righteous in the eyes of the congregations of leftism.  Centralization also means that successes and failures, which are the result of individual achievement and talent, are drowned in the common septic tanks of the left.

The religious nature of leftism requires that conservatives and other normal people must, as nearly as they can, simply ignore all the pious whining of leftists and to treat these deluded folks as the village idiots they are.  They must create informal structures of media, communication, and entertainment that are utterly independent of the hoary and rotted churches of leftism.

More and more, leftists know they are seen by more and more Americans as simply irrelevant in every way to the lives of honest, serious, and productive people.  What, after all, do these leftist priests and acolytes do of any value in our lives?  They scold, but even their scolding is hopelessly canned and utterly predictable without any reflection of reality – simply a regurgitation of what their dummy teachers and professors have “taught” them.

What ought conservatives do to hasten the process of de-institutionalizing these leftists?  Many are simply basket cases with no hope for a normal life.  But some may not be beyond redemption.  The brash challenging of the Religion of Leftism by Trump and by Brett Kavanaugh are examples of the right approach.  The inevitable House hearings on this or that imagined crime of Trump will be another opportunity to direct challenge the Left and its dreary dogma.  This does not mean that a modulation of language and rhetoric might not be helpful, but it does mean that treating leftism as a grim, stupid, and vile form of religion is the right strategy.

SF Source The American Thinker Nov 2018

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