The Spiritual Practice Of Decluttering Your Home

declutterIf you’re looking for a new spiritual practice that can renew your life look no further than the practice of decluttering!

What is the word declutter meaning, you ask? Well, to declutter is to clean out your space and get rid of anything that does not benefit your life.

Decluttering your home can be a spiritual practice because it can free your mind of distractions and help you focus on the important metaphysical aspects of life like love and compassion.

To help you declutter your home in a way that opens you up on a spiritual level, we’re going to go over how one is supposed to declutter and all ways that decluttering can help you.

Get ready to go on a spiritual journey!

How to Perform the Spiritual Practice of Decluttering

When most people do a massive cleaning of their home, they often like to view cleaning as a task that they must conquer. When making decluttering a spiritual practice, you have to come into cleaning from a different state of mind. Below are ways that you can put your mind in the proper mode to spiritually declutter.

1. Declutter with Compassion, Grace, and Gratitude

The reason why it is important to declutter from a positive space of mind rather than an aggressive one is because you cannot sustain that high level of aggression as a motivator to declutter your space for too long. Thus, when the high of conquering the task of decluttering starts to fade, so will your productivity.

On the other hand, if you start decluttering from a mental space of compassion, grace, and gratitude, you will be able to sustain that mood for the entirety of your decluttering. You will also be able to emotionally declutter your mind and spirit of the messy aspects of your life that your cluttered objects are energetically attached to.

The best way to declutter with compassion, grace, and gratitude is to take the time to stop, think, and ask yourself deep personal questions about each cluttered item. For example, you should ask yourself what aspects of your life you attach each cluttered item in your home to. You should also ask yourself if you still need this energy in your life.

If you decide that the energy that an item in your house gives you is still positive and worth using, keep it. If the energy an item in your home gives you is negative or indifferent and/or you do not see yourself using it anytime soon, thank the item for the times it gave you, and either throw the item out or give it away.

2. Accept Where You Are in Life

Often times we purchase items that the person that we see ourselves being one day would use. This is not a good practice because having these items when we are not currently ready to use them is only adding to the clutter in our rooms. Thus, when decluttering you must be honest with yourself and accept where you are in life at the time.

3. Do Not Hide Things

Sometimes when our homes are the cleanest on a surface level, they are actually the most unorganized and cluttered within closets, drawers, and garages. If you really want to make decluttering your house a spiritual practice, do not hide any items in any closets, drawers, corners, etc. If you really need help doing a deep clean of your home, you can even contact a company like Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal to help you further clean your place after you do your basic decluttering.

4. Consider Your Legacy

It is very special when a family member passes down items that he or she once owned to future generations of his or her family. When you get older and pass away, you want to make sure that your family members do not have to go through boxes of unimportant items just to find a special one. Thus, when decluttering, consider your legacy on earth and only keep the items that truly mean something to you.

Ways Decluttering Can Help You Spiritually

Spiritually decluttering isn’t just a state of mind or an action that you put out into the world. If you truly make decluttering a spiritual practice, your spirit will be rewarded back ten-fold. Don’t believe me, here are some rewards decluttering can give you.

1. Freedom

Once you declutter and free up some space at your place, you will feel a sense of spiritual freedom. This is because each cluttered item represents a specific aspect of your life. Because the items that you throw away often end up representing messy areas of your life that you are dissatisfied with, getting rid of them will metaphorically release a sense of freedom inside yourself.

2. Comfort

A sense of comfort is also released when you throw out cluttered items that only leave negative energy. This is because letting go of old, cluttered items provides people the comfort of knowing that they can also get rid of old patterns in life.

3. Happiness

When you properly clean and declutter your home, a sense of accomplishment and happiness exudes your body. It is this same exuding happiness that leads many to make decluttering a ritual cleaning.

4. The Ability to Let Go

Once again, removing things that are useless or have negative energy surrounding them from your newfound spiritual room, allows you to better let go and move on from whatever person or situation those objects are attached to. Letting go of the past is great for the soul.

You and Your Home Were Meant to Be Uncluttered

When decluttering your home as a spiritual practice, remember that underneath the clutter is the way your home was made to be. Thus, just like your home, you are made to be a spiritual being. You just have to do the work to get in tune with this part of yourself.

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