The sun has opened a massive coronal hole streaming towards Earth [Videos]

Carbon taxJames Gilliland – Hang on! February 10th started the next wave. This weekend is going to be intense.

The last wave was on the 23rd of January. The sun opened up with a massive coronal hole streaming towards Earth. This is a response to other forces. All the suns are connected, the central sun is where much of this all begins. We are moving through a highly energized place in space, creating change on every level.

It is not cows, SUVs. In fact termites release far more CO2 than humankind.

Global warming is a myth. Climate change is not. They are missing the elephant in the room. Between geoengineering “Chemtrails” and the natural cycle of the Sun these are the drivers altering weather. The polar ice caps are in fact expanding and temperatures are cooling over the last couple years.

Carbon tax is a Global Elite plan to siphon money from and control the masses. There is the raw data and the adjusted data concerning global temperatures – real science versus politically-driven science with a vested interest. It is not fire we need to worry about. It is ice. With the Polar Vortex it is getting harder and harder to sell Global Warming. Sorry Al.

There are also planetary influences aligned with these incoming energies to take into account. Here is an astrology Link.

Global Temperatures

Sorry Global Warming Alarmists, The Earth Is Cooling

The sums up brilliantly who the Global Elite are.

Pole Shift Information, booms, disappearing seas.

Link to World and Personal Healing Meditation.

World And Personal Healing Meditation

If you have been feeling you are a lightworker and you have been under attack or just feeling unseen negative influences, emotional roller coasters, multiple accidents, illness etc. this will help.

Clearing Technique

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Time to get busy.

SF Source Feb 2019

One thought on “The sun has opened a massive coronal hole streaming towards Earth [Videos]

  1. The global warming comments are spot on. The portrayal of the global elite is not so revealing. The cryptocracy running this planet is not homogeneous. There are several factions. The so-called dark state represents just one of these, or perhaps, two. At least one of these two has stepped over the line in their greedy behavior and may well be taken out. Another faction brought in Trump, but no single faction can be guaranteed a particular level of power. There is something close to a homogeneous cabal behind the running of Earth, but they are above the hierarchy of elite factions I mentioned above. These are entirely, or mostly, cabals comprised of aliens. But even these have less control than they’d like; splinter groups, not quite strong enough to be called competing factions, are nevertheless aggressively stirring the pot on Earth. Likely the alien cabal deliberately fosters competing Human factions as this offers them opportunities for further hidden control.
    If there is a “draining of the swamp” it will be strictly a partial draining and will be as much for show as for anything else. So too will any ET disclosure. The show goes on, and the best way to garner trust is to showboat these two changes in policy.

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