They May Need You But Do They Want You?

energyJennifer Hoffman – We believe that the gift of healing is the best thing we can give to those who need it and it is, as long as it’s something they want and are ready for. But so often we see and are aware of the need for healing in others, and this is especially true for those who are strongly empathic, and automatically assume that they want to be healed.

So we bathe them in our healing light, only to find that we’re rejected on every level. Why?

Because before we extend healing to those we believe are in need of healing, we must ask whether it’s what they want, because as blasphemous as this may sound, everyone does not want healing  or to be healed, and they’ll fight you with everything they have if you try to give them healing they are not ready for.

As much as we extend healing to those we know are hurting, suffering, and whose lives are limited by the presence of their fear and pain with the best of intentions, it is the equivalent of spiritual arrogance and energetic manipulation to give people healing that they have not asked for, do not want, and are not ready for.

Yes, even if you know they’re flat on the floor, if you try to pick them up before they’re ready to get up by themselves, they will slap your hand away and tell you to leave them alone. Why?

Because it’s not the healing they are afraid of, but what happens to them once they are healed.  They feel more powerful in their unhealed state, which is their comfort zone, than in being healed, which is not only their discomfort zone, it’s also totally unfamiliar and quite scary.

Some people are empowered by their pain, even if that doesn’t make sense to you, and they are grounded through the pain and chaos they choose to live with. If you try to change that, they will be lost, ungrounded, confused, and in unfamiliar and scary territory.

Before someone can accept healing, they need to find a new source of empowerment to replace the pain-filled one they are currently using. Even if it doesn’t bring them peace and joy, it’s still what they are comfortable with and they don’t want to give it up until they are ready.

It doesn’t have to make sense or be logical, as it’s part of the acceptance and non-judgment that we must be willing to extend to others as we complete our own healing journey. One of the reasons we want certain people to be healed involves our own karma and we believe that healing them gives us closure and we can move on, karma free.

But that’s our agenda and it is built on several false assumptions:

•  that everyone needs to have healing and closure in a specific way for karma to be over,
•  that we are responsible for others’ healing,
•  that just because we know someone is in pain we assume they want to be healed,
•  that we must be their healer and that’s why we are on their path, and
•  that all karmic partners must be healed in the same way for karmic closure to happen.

As I wrote in Ascending into Miracles — The Path of Spiritual Mastery, “Karma is like a dance and when one of the partners stops dancing, the karmic dance is over.” And sometimes the dance ends when we realize that our partner is dancing to a different tune, is not a very good dancer and has been stepping on our toes the whole dance, has found another partner they would prefer to dance with, or we get too tired to continue the dance.

We now have the opportunity to end karma, which has been the purpose of this soul cycle and we’re at the turning point now. The karmic dance is over when we choose to step away, not when we have finally achieved our desired total healing mission. Then the other person will either find a new karmic partner or decide to stop dancing too. We are not responsible for that choice, nor do we have any control over it.

Are we ready to let our need for healing go and let everyone heal in their own time, at their own pace, and when they’re ready? Can we be the Light Beacons and shine healing potential on humanity’s path so they can see it when they’re ready, or will we continue to be Light Workers, striving to heal a world, through our own fear of karma’s continued presence, by extending healing to people we know may need it, but who don’t want it or are not ready for it.

It’s time to let karma be a thing of the past it belongs to and pave the healed and whole path to the new paradigms that everyone has access to, when they are ready for healing, by being an example of joyful, joy-filled, healed and whole living, so they can make that choice for themselves, when they are ready to be empowered by a new way of being that is karma and pain-free.

Copyright (c) 2020 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

SF Source Enlightening Life May 2020

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