They’re Much More Than Just Trees!

Rosie Neal – Most unaware people think a tree is just a tree. Some provide food while others provide medicine and then, there is shade. Hmmm! All statements offer truth but it goes much deeper then all that.

There are many variety of trees but I will only speak on 4 types. Old sugar pine, large old redwoods, the sequoia and of course the palms.

What I will attempt to explain to you about trees has already been recently discovered by science and fully documented.

Trees are living beings. They carry there own aura which seemed to increase greatly in size in 2016. Generally, it is a golden with hint of yellow aura. Put your ear up to any tree and you will hear a heart beat and a frequency of intelligent information flowing through the trunk of any tree. Those that are highly sensitive will feel the tree’s resonance frequency.

When you sit with your back to a tree there will be a energetic transmission of energy coming into alignment. As you begin to slowly breathe and exhale and ask the tree to heal you, there will be an energetic balancing taking place between you and the tree. The tree will work diligently to pull you back into balance by balancing out your etheric fields.

Another thing that happens with the trees is they all communicate with each other. It’s almost like they are antennas of the planet and they have this mass routing system underneath in the ground that goes deep. This system literally goes from tree to tree around the globe. Their job and essence is to be carriers of information.

Where do they carry that information to?

Generally, it will go to that of the sugar pines and then to the redwoods and then ultimately to that of the sequoias.

The huge old Sugar Pines and old Redwoods are the ancient of the ancient of the plant kingdom. They are the wisdom keepers so to speak. Once the Redwoods gets the information, they carry that energetic frequency of information to that of the Sequoias.

The Sequoias are the most ancient and powerful trees that exist on this planet. All the information that the Sequoias receives is transmitted to much higher dimensions. This is literally taking place between trees every nano-second from the sequoias back to all the trees and from all the trees up to that of the ancient of ancients. The oldest on the planet.

Next, I want to talk about that of my most favorite trees, the Palm Tree. The palm tree does not have any type of rooting system that spreads out so to speak. The palm trees have what are known as pods. The pod will get larger anywhere from 3 to 6 foot or even more depending on the type of palm we are speaking about.

I planted every palm on my property front and back… hundreds of trees as plants. My connection with the palm trees goes all the way back to when I was a little girl living in Michigan. I would be lying in my yard directly on the ground dreaming of living in a place that had palm trees that would gently blow in the breeze. Even daydreaming of it affected me. For many, many years, I have lived among the palm trees.

So, based on the fact that palms have no routing system, do they have a communication system with each other or anything for that matter? I will tell you they do the palms are considered to be among that of the most highly of spiritual of trees. They carry their information directly to source stream.

A very highly sentinel being is the palm tree. I consider the palm tree to be that of one of the most holy of only a couple of trees that exist.

I do a much of my prayers so to speak outside at sunrise where there is only that of the palm trees that bare witness as I greet the sun my love.

SF Source IN5D May 2019

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