Things About Paranormal Events You Probably Don’t Know

paranormalParanormal experiences fall outside of the normal conditions and laws of nature in which we all usually operate. They often refer to unexplained phenomena that science is unable to penetrate with rational analysis.

There are numerous examples of these forms of phenomena today that are exceptionally interesting, and you probably don’t know about them all, so we’ve provided some examples.

Hearing ghosts

Professional ghost hunters and the like commonly use devices that enable them to record radio waves. They may hear voices through AM and FM waves that can be deciphered into intelligible language.

Most professional ghost hunters will take an objective approach to this and won’t confirm what they have heard unless agreed upon by other experts. Many locations around the world that are considered haunted have reports of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

A trustworthy URL can give you information about what ghost hunters actually do. You want to find information from a professional source regarding this subject matter, as much disinformation is found on the internet. You would be surprised to find out how objective hunters can be when they’re looking for the paranormal.

Amityville haunting

Haunted houses are something that many people treat with suspicion. However, there are some interesting cases where events happen and cannot be explained. In the murders of the Lutzes family by Ronald DeFeo Jr., the neighbors did not hear any of the gunshots, even though they had heard the Lutzes dogs that day. The family had also all been shot in their beds without an indication there was any physical altercation.

The rifle used did not have a sound suppressor attached. Subsequent owners of the home also laid claim to the belief the house was haunted. It definitely makes you think when these sorts of questions remain unanswered about so many haunted locations today. Ronald continues to change his story, and we may never find out what happened on that fateful day.

Animals and the paranormal

Animals seem to have a six sense regarding a few different types of phenomena. It’s well recorded that animals are somehow able to predict weather patterns and may migrate in response. Within the home setting animals may interact or seem interested in objects that otherwise seem normal.

Cats and dogs have a visual and auditory acuity that humans do not and can sense the paranormal. Sometimes this visual acuity extends outside of the visual color spectrum to humans. If you have ever wondered why your pet has taken interest in the corner of a room, or stays away from certain areas of your yard, this could be the paranormal in effect.

Clairvoyant abilities

Despite the negative associations that many people have towards psychics, there are times when they get it right. The large amount of negative predictions might be associated with the fact that there are so many charlatans out there.

One New York psychic Suzan Saxman predicted that a young man would be in a car crash. She suggested that he should not be driving a vehicle, and unfortunately the young man ended up in a fatal accident. These abilities of clairvoyance are often unexplained, and it may be why some police forces have depended on psychics in their communities.

Astral projection

Out of body experiences have been reported for almost as long as the Victorian era, and continue to be reported to this day. There are numerous cases of people reporting that they saw their own surgeries happening. There have been statements that some of these individuals were able to describe their surgery with some degree of accuracy. Although not a common experience, it seems as though many people undergo this process.

Other instances of astral projection are often associated with lucid dreaming either intentionally or by accident. Astral projection may also occur in instances where sleep paralysis happens. Some people have experiences that are so strong they believe it is in the paranormal realm. Most advocates of astral projection will recommend safety first, and say that astral projection may often become dangerous. Who knew that lucid dreaming could be unsafe?

There you have it, there’s a ton of food for thought available for any avid lover of the paranormal. With a little bit of digging you can find specific examples of paranormal cases that remain unexplained until this day. Movie portrayals generally are susceptible to hyperbole and won’t always be as accurate as they claimed (remember they’re based on a true story).

Still, these thematic portrayals lend credence to the fact that there are events out there that aren’t easily explained. You may not have been aware of all the facts about paranormal events, so if you hear that bump in the night, maybe just stay in bed.

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