Things to Look for in a Résumé

RésuméFinding real qualified candidates is a real issue. The job market is always looking for those diamonds in the rough. And, there are some key things that can help an employer find them. According to, some positions receive 100’s of resumes to sift through and if you have some key components in mind, it makes it easier to get through them all and boil down the selection to something manageable.

1. Look at Work Experience

Look at what they have done in the past. Do they have the level of experience you need? Work experience can tell you a little bit about the person. For example, how long they stay at positions will tell you how well they get along with co-workers. Those that stay usually get along well with others and are a team player.

You would want to see if they have experience in what the position is or in related positions. For example for a retail position, were they in the retail industry or were they in a position that they faced customers often. Both are great experiences to have for a retail position.

2. Education

What kind of education did they get? Do they have the proper degree for the position? Are they qualified? For those that don’t have a lot of experience, you may need to look at their education. This can give you an insight into employment gaps as well.

When looking for professionals you will certainly need to ensure that they have all the credentials that you need to have. Sometimes they may not have a lot of experience yet, but do have the credentials.

3. Skills and Knowledge

Work experience combined with education can give a person a certain set of skills needed to do certain tasks, or so we assume. Be sure you see those skills coming through on a resume. Things such as grammar and spell check are in just about every writing program used today, did they take the time to use it? Do you see evidence that they have these skills such as awards or certifications? This is another great thing to look for on a resume.

4. Personality and Values

The personality and values of a person are really important to have a good fit for the company. Companies like Cloverleaf provide insights and coaching tips to businesses through personality testing to help find the best fit for an employer and an employee. Insights like these help you know and understand what the values are of your team and you can get some insight from the resume on their personal values as well.

Resumes are really hard to get this, but sometimes you can look at their social media profiles and find out what makes them happy. If they are fun to be around and if others enjoy their company. Many social media profiles will give you clues into what their personal beliefs and values are. Are they friendly? Or do you see them posting on community boards in a less than desirable fashion?

These are four very different things to look for in looking at resumes. And, these are sort of in order of importance as well. The last point, personality, and values is hard to get from a resume but may help you further widdle down the pile of candidates that have submitted their resume.

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