Things Your Soul is Trying to Tell You

When your soul is trying to speak to you, it’s generally a good idea to listen.

This is because our souls are our most powerful, complete and ultimate form of being. It’s always trying to help you grow and connect with the world around you.

Sometimes we try to ignore what it’s saying, or feel that we simply don’t have the time to sort through any unresolved issues it’s bringing back up. But, we need to give our souls and its desires the attention it deserves.

And we can start by honoring five lessons that the soul wants to teach you:

Material objects will never create lasting happiness

I know, you desperately want a new car and a nice house, but your soul isn’t really concerned with these things. In fact, your soul doesn’t even recognize material objects in your life, so don’t get lost in the pursuit of wealth. Focus on making your soul happy. This will help you promote positivity in every other aspect of your life.

Stop worrying about the past and the future

When we spend time regretting past events or stressing out over things to come, we’re wasting our energy on things that are out of our control. When you step outside of the present moment and dwell elsewhere, all you’re doing is draining your mind and damaging your soul.

Life is difficult

One thing we all have to realize at one point or another is that life is harder than we thought it was going to be. But, that’s okay because it is during our darkest times that we have the greatest potential for triumph. Your soul carries within it all of the answers you seek, so believe that no matter how difficult things are right now, you will come out on the other side.

Don’t spend too much time making others happy

One of the most liberating things a person can realize is that they simply cannot make everyone in their life happy. I know, many of us have tried, and failed. Making everyone in your life happy is an impossible feat. Sometimes you have to pick and choose who to make happy and who to disappoint. So, you might as well pick yourself as one of the people you make happy.

Failures and mistakes are more than okay

While failures and mistakes might make you upset, they delight your soul. Why? Because from failure we learn more than we do from success. If your soul could speak to you, it would tell you that it’s your ego that’s making you feel bad about failure. Your soul could not be happier that you tried and failed.

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