This Not A Rehearsal

Week Ahead Forecasts 25 August – 1 September 2019

26 August – Venus trine Uranus
28 August – Mars trine Uranus
29 August – Mercury enters Virgo / Sun trine Uranus
30 August – Super New Moon 6° Virgo
1 September – Mercury trine Uranus / Venus trine Saturn

new moonLorna Bevan – A heads up! As the 3D world literally burns around us from the Arctic to the Amazon Forest, a rare stellium of 5 personal planets in Virgo delivers an unusual moment of Chairos – time out of time – when it’s possible to catch a rare glimpse of the Matrix of Brilliance – the web of interconnected energy fields in which all life exists and which we create moment by moment. It is connecting us to the Now and the New through the incoming 2020 Freedom Codes of:

Jarring Awakenings. Shocking Realizations. Sudden Insights. Inspiration. Aligning with others. Pattern connecting. Illumination. Meta Perspective + Big picture visioning. Innovations. Inventions. Problem Solving. The Open Field. Forward momentum.

The rare 2nd Super New Moon in August constellates Today and Tomorrow and a new cycle of Creation begins. This is a Stealth Super Moon operating under the radar creating seismic storms both inside and out, delivering extra geophysical stress between Tuesday August 27th – Monday September 2nd. This is new ground and the Burning Fields need radically new solutions………

Ground yourself in the Now and the New ready to step into a radically different future which demands a re-calibrated mind/body/heart. As Jupiter crosses between the Great Attractor to the GC, as Uranus aligns with the Virgo stellium of emotional wisdom and inner alignment, you are directly connected to the Cloud, the Noosphere and Source. You are insourcing the guidance you previously outsourced and accessing the Freedom Codes needed for 2020. Remove the blinkers…..

The Chandra Symbol for the Virgo New Moon: A Banyan Tree that creates an Entire Forest

“Containing within yourself a vast creative force that can fill the world with its diverse and multiplex awareness. You have a graphic ability to evoke, to capture, to epitomize a realm, a world, to draw it forth, to highlight it. Experiencing for yourself the wisdom of the ages — the living proof that nature is totally alive, that the creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given voice, to be celebrated, to be lived”

New! This is definitely not a rehearsal! In September, Saturn turns forward conjunct the Karmic South Node of Fate opposite Sirius. The Lord of Time and Karma will not change direction again in Capricorn until 2048 so this is a not- to -be -repeated opportunity to build a permanent platform for growth during the 11 weeks remaining before the birth contractions of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in January 2020. This week marks the start of what will become in September a relentless embodiment process. Spiritual rubber will meet reality road.

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Aug 2019

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