Tips for Creating an Effective Ad

effective adNo matter what type of business you run, or how big or small, at some point you will need advertisements (ads). Ads are a great way to promote your business, share your brand, and entice customers. However, if your ad is ineffective, then you may end up wasting time and money with little or no return on your investment.

Fortunately, creating an effective ad doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. What’s more, a well-crafted ad can be used across multiple platforms – both print and digital. So, creating an effective ad can mean more to your business than just promotional content. Now, all you have to do is get started!

A Quick Word on Advertising Translation

Before we get into the details of how to create an effective ad, it’s worth mentioning advertising translation. If you’re planning to target your ad at more than one audience, in linguistic terms, then you’ll need to bear this in mind throughout the ad creation process. Ad translation can be a detailed topic of study, but it bears consideration at a strategic level. Then, as you create your ad, you can consider which parts are likely to translate well for audiences who speak other languages and which parts may not be so relevant to them. 

8 Tips for Creating an Effective Ad

Developed by a top Black-owned ad agency, here are 8 tips for creating an effective ad for your business:

1. Detail what makes you stand out from the competition

People see ads all the time – in person, online, on television, billboards, etc. In order to stand out among all the noise, you need to detail what makes your product or service better than the competition. Show customers why your business should be their number one choice, and why they shouldn’t consider the competition.

2. Grab customer attention with a powerful headline

People tend to scan ads quickly, especially online. In order to grab reader attention, you need a powerful and effective headline. Think about who you are trying to attract and what might get their attention.

3. Make an offer the customer can’t refuse

An effective ad is one that makes the customer an offer that he or she can’t refuse. Everyone loves a bargain, a freebie, or a customized deal. So use your ad as a means of offering something that customers find irresistible. Maybe it’s a coupon, a free trial, free shipping, or a customized offer.

4. Detail the benefits

Of course, you want your ad to explain your products and/or services. But you should also explain what the benefits are of shopping with your business. What do customers get from your business aside from their product or service? For example, if you are a financial advisor, one benefit of your business could be allowing access to customer files 24/7.

5. Create an advertorial

An advertorial is an ad that looks like a news article. Think about a combination between an ad and an editorial. People are more likely to read a news article than they are an ad. One benefit of an advertorial is that you have more opportunity to grab attention and marketing your products and/or services. Another benefit is that readers are more likely to continue reading or follow up by visiting your website, etc.

6. Make your ad risk-free

There are a lot of scammers out there, and it is often difficult to discern between a scam and a legitimate ad. If people think that they are going to lose money or regret a purchase, then they won’t shop with you. So it is important to remove any doubt by offering a risk-free ad. To do this, offer benefits like a money-back guarantee, free customer service, or a warranty.

7. Use a call to action

As most web design agencies would agree, a call to action is critical to converting website visitors to leads. It’s not enough to tell your customers what you have to offer. You also have to encourage them to interact and take action. Use direct language and tell them to click the ad or button, order your product, email for more information, or pay for your service.  Use exciting and persuasive language to elicit a response.

8. Give customers a sense of urgency

To make an effective ad, make your offer seem urgent. Try to get the customer to act now. You can do this by creating a time-limited discount, flash sale, or a special price if ordering in the next 15 minutes. You can also create a sense of urgency by reminding customers about upcoming holidays, which is a great time to buy in advance while supplies are not as limited.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to create an effective ad is to deliver on your promises. The most effective and engaging ad means little if you don’t follow up on what you say you will do.

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