Tourist Destinations With a High Number of Traffic Accidents

Traffic AccidentsThe  next time you plan a trip, and are thinking about renting a vehicle to get around the city, keep in mind some important statistics and numbers. You might have to be a little bit more careful in how you drive depending on what city or country you are visiting.

1.35 million people die each year from road traffic incidents worldwide. Of those numbers, India and China lead the total number of fatalities with approximately 300,000 and 256,000 respectively.

The United States finds themselves up there at 4th on the list, with close to 40,000 fatalities, right behind Brazil’s approximate 47,000.

Interestingly, data show Liberia, a country on the West African coast, is at the top of the list for road fatalities per 100,000 motor vehicles.  In fact, many African nations top the list in categories of road fatalities per 100,000 people and per 100,000 motor vehicles.

So although their total numbers aren’t quite as high, their death rates are considerably higher. Other notable countries that rate high for death rates per person include Thailand (32.7), the Dominican Republic (29.3), and Vietnam (24.5). If you’re traveling to specific cities, here are some popular destinations and their statistics.

♦  Fortazelaa and Brasilia in Brazil have motor vehicle fatality rates of 27.2 and 20.9.

♦  5 popular US cities ranked for traffic related fatalities per 100 thousand are Atlanta (9.7), Los Angeles (6.3), Chicago (5.3), New York (3.2), and Washington (2.4).

♦  Cities in Asia range in their numbers, Ho Chi Minh City (13.1), Delhi (9.1), Beijing (4.4), Shanghai (3.8), Hong Kong (1.8) and Tokyo (1.3)

♦  Comparatively Stockholm, Sweden is at the top when it comes to safety numbers of motor vehicle fatalities per 100,000 with 0.7.

What these numbers suggest

The numbers show a few different things. Within the United States, the idea that New York isn’t at the top when it comes to vehicular accidents and fatalities suggests that sheer city density cannot be the attributing factor that leads to car accident deaths.

Some studies suggest, instead, that when cities are compact as opposed to wide sprawling and spacious, more traffic laws and precautions are set in place to help avoid and prevent incidents. As you can see in this blog post here, there are factors that can contribute to accidents in a state like Texas. With what the data shows, many of these motorcycle accidents are preventable with some modified behaviors on the part of drivers.

What are things tourist cities, and other cities, can address to reduce accidents?


As touched up with popular cities in the United States and their infrastructure, many factors come into play. If a city or region does not possess the proper resources to upgrade and maintain their city, then the safety can be put at risk. In pooper regions, unreliable and unsafe transit, not enough streets and roads leading to congestion, improper design, forcing pedestrians and bicycles onto the streets are some ways that can be simply the result of a lack of funding.


Many studies go into the design of cities, examining what areas need to be addressed, like roadways and side streets.  Speeds are another way to keep accidents down if implemented properly. There must be a balance to assure speeds are not too low as to cause congestion and risk higher accident rates, but must not be set too high as to lead to dangerous driving conditions.

Law enforcement

Hand in hand with speeding laws are the enforcement of them and other traffic safety laws. If there is proper policing of these laws, then roads and drivers will be kept safe. The lack of funding that can factor into things like corruption or a relaxed enforcement of these laws can lead to more motor vehicle incidents due to higher risk. But individuals who find themselves in a difficult situation can check out Georgia Auto Law for more information on how to protect themselves

The influence or other substances

One of the most dangerous and irresponsible causes for accidents due to human error has to be driving under the influence of an impairing substance. There can be things on the road that are hard to avoid and as defensively as we try to drive, some of the most dangerous yet avoidable factors would be drinking or smoking and driving.

Distracted driving

As there are many safety regulations in place to reduce the risk of vehicular incidents, what leads to most incidents is usually driver error. Distracted driving is an important issue when it comes to safety and can lead to many accidents. Things like cell phone use, drinking or eating, music, understanding directions, can all be potential distractions that can lead to an accident. The best way to stay safe is by staying focused on the road.

So when travelling, remember to be mindful of your surroundings at all times, whether that’s walking on the sidewalk or in your vehicle. You may think that the more people around you, the more dangerous travelling might be, but there are plenty of factors you should consider when driving on unfamiliar roads.

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