Dark Night Connecting the Dots

treasonJohn Michael Chambers – Order of events. Trump tweaks martial law code March 2018. Trump conducts FCC emergency test to our cell phones 2018. March 2019 Mueller report – no collusion, no obstruction. Trump launches WH.GOV/TECH BIAS site. Drop down field alludes to in the event we cant communicate. April 2019 Trump declares emergency in event of communications grid getting hit.

Deep state and Democrats implode. Pelosi goes berserk talks of Trump’s temper, cover-ups and talks of prayers for him and the country more than three times in two days. Something cryptic about these prayers statements for Trump and country (a cover – a warning?).

On May 23, 2019 treason is addressed, including death for treason per Constitution and naming names in an exchange between media and Trump. Hannity, who among the “mainstreamers” is well connected. He happens not to be on his show tonight – the night of the de-class release announcement from the WH.

FOX NEWS goes black 10 minutes into broadcast as Dan Bongino sits in for Hannity, show is off the air with black screen, not just my TV, but many others.

Things are about to get very real. Surround yourself with like minded people who understand the times and expand those circles. Be alert. Stay informed. Unite. We are winning and the battle has just begun. TRUE prayers are in order for President Trump. WWG1WGA

SF Source John Michael Chambers May 2019

2 thoughts on “Dark Night Connecting the Dots

  1. Very timely article in light of credibly informative alternative news sites that are no longer available.

    The American Report is (was?) a site that features a wealth of in-depth and credibly vetted information, rare in this age of 15-second spins of controlled news feed.

    The site recently ran what is perhaps the most well-researched information regarding what is referred to as ‘The Hammer’, an Obama era surveillance program which surveyed large numbers of US citizens. Today, access to the site was denied due to ‘Server Error’.

    In the best possible outcome, the ‘server error’ will be corrected because such sites enable readers to make informed decisions. One can only hope that this site and others offering this type of news reporting will soon be up and running once again.

    1. Hi Rose, yes. The site is still down. It is being reported as under attack on Godlike Productions:

      “The American Report – While you can as the site is already being attacked… They have an amazing breakdown of the Hammer that Obama created and how they have been using it against the American people and Judges and Fisa Judges and supreme court judges…. Yes they spied on and blackmailed everybody….
      They are already being labeled a unsecure site…Total bullsit.

      Dave Janda reads the article in his last video….”


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