Trump, Marches, and Psyops Operations to Divide The World

trumpJames Gilliland – From an enlightened perspective Trump is the right man for the job and has the backing of the Higher Dimensionals, Angelic and Ascended Masters. If people had mastered their own personal God connection there would be no marches especially those inciting violence. Now that I have gotten your attention – probably pissed off quite a few – take a deep breath, suspend your egos with all their programming and misinformation, wounds and traumas being acted out vicariously and listen.

Did you take that deep breath? Now take about three more.

This is not about “what about’s.” Most of the “what about this and that” are part of a grand psyops program carried out by the DNC, CIA, and funded by George Soros and others in the elite. It is the classic divide and conquer, order through chaos.  The chaos we are now experiencing is by design. We don’t need a Gandhi right now. We need a warrior. The Gandhi will come later after the clean up.

There is a transdimensional war going on far beyond most people’s ability to perceive. There are unseen negative influences which are the masterminds behind the political puppets. It is a multilevel swamp, which definitely needs to be drained.

The ones screaming the loudest in the political arena are the ones that are guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. One of their tactics is to accuse others of what they themselves are doing. They use the agencies, the press, and sponsor various political groups to do their bidding. This includes the talking heads in the lame stream fake news media owned and controlled by the very same dark forces seen and unseen.

Trump is taking on something so dark, so deceitful, moving into the levels of demonic that most people would cower in disbelief if it were to reveal itself.

Many will find the very leaders and icons they have been following are deeply rooted in evil. Pizza Gate, Pedogate, the satanic blood rituals including child trafficking and sacrifice are real. This includes Hollywood and the music industry both replete with satanic and decadent rituals.

This is not on Trump’s side of the fence. If you are marching for Hillary, the pay-to-play deception, the continuation of war and disease profiteering then you have fallen into the psyop. Compared to this group Trump is a saint, although I am sure he is not perfect as none of us are.

I am all for equality, women’s rights etc. Yet let’s not muddy the water and create a toxic soup that has little to do with women’s rights.

Let’s separate the Russian hacking and use a little logic. The polls are not online. The electrical grid is not online. So how can they be hacked?

There is a big difference between a leak and a hack. The Wikileaks information was leaked – not hacked – concerning the affairs and wrong doings of the DNC and the Clintons. The previous British Ambassador admitted he was the one who turned the information over to Julian Assange from a disgruntled official in the DNC.

He was given the information most likely by Seth Rich who was murdered, found shot several times in the back adding to a long history of deaths connected to the Clintons. So with this information how could there be a hack and how can they blame the Russians? What does this have to do with Trump? This is just one of many false accusations and diatribes against Trump.

Not one person in any of the agencies will testify under oath it was the Russians who hacked the election or the grid. Do you know why? Because lying to Congress is instant jail unless you are the Clintons – then the rules don’t apply.

Why can the Clintons lie to Congress?….because they control most of the politicians, the DOJ and other agencies. That will soon be rectified. How can the politicians continuously spew out false information knowing it is a lie? It is what politicians do. They also are deeply involved in much of the beyond sick activity now coming to the surface. Everything from bribes and blackmail to murder, pedophilia and satanic blood rituals. Of course they are going to pull out all the stops to stop Trump – their careers and their lives depend on it.

It is time for a little critical thinking. Why are you blaming Trump for this mess and condemning him before he even has a chance? What did the last administration do for you?

A better question is what have they done to you? If you knew the answer to either question you would not take to the streets other than in support of Trump. Considering what he is up against a lot of support and a little slack is in order.

It is time for the Stockholm syndrome to end. Break out of the spell and stop fearing change. Do you want everything to continue as it has? Are you in support of the gross negligence, corruption, unbridled greed and the lust for power?

Are you in favor of the war and disease profiteers to continue business as usual? Do you support murder, child trafficking, and satanic blood rituals? I am all for taking to the streets if Trump becomes a Hitler – yet the truth of the matter is you have already been under at least three Hitlers. Hitlary included. Calling Trump Hitler is a diatribe created by the very people with the most to lose. Those flourishing in the swamp.

The protesters are being played like a fiddle. They drank the CNN cool aid. Their own unhealed wounds and traumas are being played upon and are being acted out vicariously against a fictitious enemy.

I watched emotional dramas being acted out without any foundation of truth to back them. Signs like Russian traitor, Stop Hitler etc. Hollywood actors deeply embedded in the swamp making false statements with absolutely no foundation. They are actors remember. Some actors I have lost all respect for because of their ignorance and allegiance to the dark side.

There are three categories many fit into – naive, ignorant or evil. Most just follow the leader or succumb to star power, being critical-thinking challenged. I watched people protesting that did not even know why. I watched young men throw rocks, bottles, anything they could get their hands on at police then walk up and taunt them, acting out gestures of persecution. I must say this is one of the times I sided with the police and had no problem with them taking care of business. Fortunately most kept their cool.

All I can say is the fluoride in the water and the chemtrails are working. The separation game played by the illuminati creating chaos worldwide is working. The pitting races against each other is working. The mind control projects are working even more than one suspects.

The good news is they still are not working enough. The rapidly losing ground worldwide. Their tactics are being exposed along with their past deeds. The world is waking up. The call for freedom and Universal Law is heard around the world. The enslavers are being unmasked and now the people need to look at the world with fresh eyes. Not the mindsets and programs from the past.

It is time for personal research, critical thinking,
establishing one’s own personal inner guidance.

Do not depend on outside sources for truth. Learn to trust and lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. Have you been lied to in the past? How much of those lies have influenced your decision making process?

Are you afraid to look at the conspiracy facts? The FBI and NYPD files on your past leadership would make a grown man cry. Do you want this to continue? It is time to discern why and who you are marching for because you very well may be supporting the very things and people you’re against once the truth comes out and the masks come down.

There will be a lot of dramas playing out as these new waves of energy push everything to the surface. Some will heal internally. Some will need external lessons. Some will own their emotions and experiences. Others will project and blame.

It is all about personal responsibility from here on out. Best advice I can give is to set boundaries. Hold sacred space. Be open to new ideas and information yet always use discernment.

Nothing is as it seems, and you never know a person’s cards until they play them. Do not fall for Star Power, Religious Power, Political Power – the real power is within you. It always has been. Get out of everyone else’s sand box and take care of your own kitty litter.

The real power is within you. It always has been…..

Be Well
James Gilliland

SF Source  Jan. 2017

9 thoughts on “Trump, Marches, and Psyops Operations to Divide The World

  1. Yes! Well spoken… have covered my own personal analysis of the entire scene happening now. I will be reposting this article, my attempt is to jog anyone who will listen out of the drone scape of the divide and conquer media whipping people into futile misdirected frenzies!

    1. I’m very concerned about the momentum of the violence/rioters. What’s the solution? How can ppl help? Spreading the truth online, fighting or not fighting against it or using energy?

      1. We must use our co-creative faculties to envision our world. See the world being healed. See America settling down as a result of the criminal elements behind the protests being exposed. Envision light penetrating and enlightening the awakening masses.

        Pray for peace on earth goodwill to all lifeforms.

  2. First we were told Obama was a lightworker now trump is. I call bs. Until trump r escinds the pipeline executive order or apologizes to the native people of turtle. I don’t believe a word of this.

    1. Carlos, there is only one truth that is right for you – that is your own truth. There is only one lens through which to view experience – that is your perceptual field. Be true to you. That is all that matters in the final analysis.

      Re Obama – I know what you mean concerning how he was portrayed and perceived by the Lightworker community. Remember all that Hope and Change? Many fell for it. I fell for it at first. I woke up immediately after he received the Nobel Peace prize. I researched him then and discovered he likely was a Manchurian candidate.

      Everyone thought Obama was The One. Then his term began and it was exactly that of his predecessor, and ultimately worse. His actions for the remaining 7.5 years as POTUS confirmed he was not what we thought he would be.

      Re Trump – As opposed to the universal love for Obama even before he was anointed and crowned POTUS we were treated to 24/7 Trump Hate & Fear.

      Trump was universally derided, scorned, mocked, and labeled a woman hating Anti-Christ. He was seen as the worst possible blight to America and the entire world that one could possibly conceive – and even THAT was a stretch.

      Again, and only from my perspective, if trends hold true, the hated, reviled, scorned one might indeed turn out to be sincere and of the light, given that he is scorned, mocked and despised by seemingly vast hordes.

      Yes. He will build the pipeline but he has heard and is aware of the environmental concerns. His daughter Ivanka is a true Environmentalist and she likely has his ear concerning the environment. I understand he is demanding standards that are much higher than those currently in place. It is my prayer that before they start work on the pipeline he releases some of the advanced tech in energy that pretty much makes a lot of that former industry obsolete.

      Of far greater concern to me than the pipeline – which I DO believe can be safely constructed – is FRACKING. I am opposed to that and will pray that is made irrelevant thru hi tech energy discoveries unleashed to benefit humanity.

      In the meantime Trump is committed to making this as safe as possible for ALL concerned. Continue to pray that it all goes away in short order as we climb the POSITIVE Trump timeline.

  3. Right On… we are all responsible for ourselves and that’s where it starts.. Know the facts and trust your gut. We do have the real power within us and always has been. Salamat Po. It is like President Trump said People rule.

  4. Wonderful article Mr. Gilliland! IMO you nailed it completely; protesters had no idea what they were protesting and are letting old wounds steer their ship. Let’s see what Trump is going to do first. Let’s see which campaign promises he keeps and which he doesn’t, that will tell us alot. And I agree Trump may well be the perfect guy for the job of unseating NWO. He goes his own way and seems to be his own man. I didn’t vote for him, but he’s surprised me this past week as we find out more about him. I have no complaints yet but will time will tell.

    Meanwhile, it seems important to uphold the democratic process and support the man who was duly elected and approved by electoral college and certified by election committee, rather than unleash yet more chaos by impeaching him, etc. We need to abide by our own laws!

    1. “We need to abide by our own laws!”

      Agreed! Unfortunately, as we witnessed the Hillary Clinton FBI laugher unfold it is clear that those who are in position to ENFORCE the law break the laws with impunity themselves. To return to the rule of law is required if we’re to heal as a society. If Congress and Judiciary are to be corrected Trump will have to move swiftly and it will be very painful for the mind-bendingly brainwashed political dotards to comprehend. Which is why James best line was his last – The real power is within you. It always has been…..- g

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