Trump proven correct in secret Dem “vote harvesting” scheme

Frank Holmes – Just when President Donald Trump is being scrutinized for warning about the dangers of mail fraud, a long-buried story bears him out.

It turns out yet again that Trump was right all along.

And Democrats have indeed been paying for fake votes.

But as usual, the truth didn’t come from the media. It came from an independent citizen journalist who dug through public records to find a dirty tale of corruption that everyone missed –– including the mainstream media.

It all goes back to a 2016 election, when Jasen Rabalais ran for constable in Harris County, Texas (Houston to the rest of us).

During the election, a nurse approached his campaign and offered to give him fraudulent votes.

She promised to “deliver votes from seniors,” 1,000 votes for Rabalais, if the price was right.

He sent her packing, but she turned up on election day working for one of his opponents, named Michel Pappillion.

Pappillion beat Rabalais in a run-off election by 37 votes.

Rabalais smelled a rat and, after the election, he filed a lawsuit claiming outside interference. Pappillion employed a campaign worker who “deliberately falsified, illegally completed or unlawfully influenced the ballots and early voting applications of elderly residents in Harris County,” according to court documents.

Colleen Vera, a conservative pundit of Texas Trash Talk, took the charges seriously and there was proof to show for it. The suspect accused of fraud, a woman named Gloria Palmer, explains how she does mail-in ballot harvesting in two videos posted by Vera on her YouTube channel.

“I go to the seniors’ homes, with the absentee seniors,” she said. “You got to get into those nursing homes and them subdivisions before your [opponent].”

There are lots of mail-in votes in those areas, and Palmer knows how to scam them.

“I know a lot of people, so I help them fill it out,” she admitted, “and I mail it for them.”

Another way of looking at that is that she uses her position as a nurse to sell senior citizens’ votes to the highest bidder.

Vera decided to dig deeper. She demanded to inspect all 1,359 mail-in ballots cast in the primary … and she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She says she found “32 hand written applications for mailed ballots – all from different voters – but all written in the exact same handwriting.”

“Looking closer, something else jumped off the page,” Vera says. “All 32 returned their application for a ballot by mail in the same pre-printed envelope with the same style stamp.”

Then she found one more coincidence: “ALL THESE VOTERS LIVED IN THE SAME PRECINCT! Precinct #259.”

She’d just hit the tip of the Democrats’ voter fraud iceberg. She says two of the first three people who requested stacks of 50 or more mail-in ballots had forgery convictions, Vera says: Gloria Palmer and Sheree Harris Fisher.

That’s where things really get interesting.

Because Palmer was employed by U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-T.X., an outspoken liberal and Trump critic. Federal records show that the Democratic congresswoman paid Palmer more than $2,000 for campaign assistance.

If Vera’s sleuthing is right, that means that lawmakers in the Democratic Party are paying convicted forgers to “help” fill out ballots for old, sick, vulnerable patients inside retirement homes.

Vera’s story includes footage of a 2018 scandal involving Texas State Rep. Harold Dutton Jr., who calls himself “a life long Democrat.”

It shows ballot harvesting in full bloom. Dutton’s canvasser walks in, demands an elderly woman to fill out the circle next to Dutton’s name, and shows her where to sign the form.

The whole thing took 13 seconds.

When someone asks the worker if her actions are even legal, Dutton’s assistant says, “Yes, ma’am, we’ve done 400 already.”

Despite this evidence of blatant fraud and likely many more occurrences of it, Twitter decided to earmark Trump’s tweet about mail-in ballot fraud with a fact-check.

“There is no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud,” Twitter claims in its own error-ridden message.

They should tell that to The New York Times, which reported in 2012 that voter fraud “is vastly more prevalent” for mail-in voting than in the privacy of your voting booth. There have been 143 criminal convictions for voter fraud using absentee ballots over 20 years. Those are just the convictions, not allegations.

And it’s not a problem restricted to deep blue cities like Houston. The Public Interest Legal Foundation found that 244 counties nationwide have more registered voters than they have living residents. What happens when the dead get their mail-in ballot?

Twitter should fact-check itself instead of running cover for Democrats hellbent on stealing back the White House in November.

SF Source The Horn News May 2020

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