Trump’s Political Realignment of American Politics

trumpTed Malloch – This ain’t your grandparents Republican Party, anymore.

A realigning election (often called a critical election or political realignment) is a term from political science describing a dramatic change in the political system.

Listen up: we are in a political realignment thanks in large part to the candidacy and election of one, Donald J. Trump.

He has ascended to power and now runs the GOP.

Sure there are still various elements and wings in the so-called Republican “big tent” but his form of Republicanism focused on America First, fair and free trade, real economic growth, military strength, deregulation, an end to the administrative deep state, and rationalized/meritorious immigration has won the day.

Trump’s blend of economic nationalism and political populism is not just on the rise, it now rules.

In turn this has forced the Democrat Party leftward. It is now better called the Democrat Socialist Party. It is globalist, neo-Marxist, postmodern, radically anti-American and based entirely on racial and identity politics.

Now comes a book that perfectly explains the whole thing.

Written by the brilliant scholar, Frank Buckley, its title is: The Republican Workers Party.


A Trump campaign and transition advisor wrote The Republican Workers Party and it may be the definitive explanation of the 2016 election and the revolutionary change in American politics it ushered in.

According to Buckley, “The Republican Workers Party is the winning coalition in American politics. It’s the sweet spot in American politics, the place where presidential elections are won, and the winner is going to be the fellow who won’t touch Social Security and who promises to nominate a judge in the mold of Antonin Scalia. Donald Trump, in other words”

If we want to make America mobile again, the way back is simple enough.

Fix our broken schools. Amend our immigration laws. Return to the rule of law.

And yet according to Buckley, those who boast of their concern about immobility are the very members of the New Class who oppose all such reforms, who for self-interested reasons would keep things just as they are, unequal, immobile. Cruel hypocrites! You might plead your ignorance, but your self-deception only makes it worse.

Buckley became a part of the story. He worked on the Trump campaign, wrote speeches for him and his family, advised on transition matters, and came to understand the revolution in American politics.

He told Trump that this book would pin American decline on a New Class of liberal aristocrats who wanted to keep us economically immobile.

Trump said, “we need to take the gloves off “

Evidently Trump didn’t need any persuading.

Which is why they try to resist him and plot to destroy him, incessantly.

Trump has changed American politics for good. There is no going back.

All his candidates are winning in the primaries and this November will finish the story. Forty-two incumbent old establishment Republicans are leaving Congress and they will be replaced by Trumpites. The Republicans will retain control of the Senate and allies of Trump will win all the seats they pick up.

Already, Trump has announced his re-election bid for 2020 and the slogan will be, as I predicted, “KEEP AMERICA GREAT.”

That assumes one thing — that in these first four years he will, as he is proving, Make America Great, while transforming the political system in these United States.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Political Realignment of American Politics

  1. It’s already happening! A lawsuit was filed by Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch who the lawyer involved with the breakup of the At&t monopoly during the 1980’s. See Freedom Watch v. Google/You Tube et. al (Civil Action Number 18-cv-2030, U.S. District Court for District of Columbia). Coordinated Discrimination by Media Giants against Conservatives Alleged As a Sherman 1 Agreement in Restraint of Trade.

  2. I voted democrat all my life, until 2016 (#walked away). I started waking up earlier but 2016 was really my first chance to put my growth and new beliefs into action. Thanks to my spiritual awakening, I saw right through HRC, her lies, and corruption. What a truly evil person she is. And I saw in Trump an honest sincerity and a chance to turn around the destruction of the previous administrations and their disastrous policies. It truly came down to patriots vs globalist. Were we going to remain a sovereign people or were we going to be reduced in population and prosperity to the point of being a third world, Marxist (fascist), vassal slave of the globalists? Every day I thank God for our president, and the fact that we have a chance to reclaim our country and our lives. Call it a positive Trump timeline, apocalypse (as in the revealing of all that is hidden), the destruction of the cabal, and the liberation of humanity…we are here and the battle is real. We are winning. Victory has already been foreseen and proclaimed.

  3. A former life look long Democrat, senior black woman says at 73 l wish l had know the real history of our country. I would have voted for issues not parties. That being said I voted for Trump in the last election and will make sure to use my votes for him in the future. I really hope they allow him a few more trees as he is the only one who really cares about the people of this nation.

    1. Thanks, Essie. The mark of a mature mind is its ability to change and adapt. Life is about growth. We’re all growing Earth’s new paradigm together. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before.


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