Twitter Intervenes to Control The President’s Speech

Sundance – Many people foresaw this likely happening and today it begins. Twitter has intervened in the tweets and speech of the President of the United States to review, censor and use their own perspectives to countermand the opinions of President Donald Trump.


By taking this position Twitter has put themselves into the position of arbitrating the opinions of general speech. This is a remarkable shift in the control mechanism of the platform which will likely have ramifications.

However, beyond the intervention, it is worth pointing to the specific issue that has triggered their decision. Note the issue of greatest concern to the command authority of Twitter is specifically mail-in ballots; this is not accidental.

There has been a general likelihood, a very predictable strategy, that mail-in ballots, and the ability to control them was the primary goal of Democrats and the far-left in this election cycle.  As all previous efforts to remove President Trump have failed, the control of the 2020 election became even more important.

There are trillions at stake.

Mail-in ballots are the goal.  A 2020 election outcome based on mail-in ballots is the overarching objective for democrats this year.  2018 was a test run in the process.  2020 was always the goal.

Sending two ballots to democrats, and one to registered republicans is one method.  Controlling the mail carrying system is another.  Selecting ballots for counting based on zip code political registration is yet another still.  Ballot harvesting continues the overall process.  The list of ways to manipulate voter mail-in election outcomes is very long.

This strategy ties in with the Blue state governors destroying their economy, holding shut their regional economies, and yet not worrying about any election outcome is a downstream result of this plan-of-action.

Nationally democrats plan to use federal bailouts to replace lost revenues in the Blue states that are in a zero-sum position financially.  States like New York, Rhode Island, Illinois and California were already on the cusp of financial collapse; they have nothing to lose from going all-in for the bailout approach.

If the blue states get the bailout they win, if they don’t they are in trouble; however, they were already in trouble prior to the COVID-19 economic contraction, so they have nothing to lose by positioning everything contingent on a federal bailout.

That bailout then allows the state officials to pick winners and losers on a state basis.  The same approach used by President Obama in the trillion dollar prior bail-out known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009.   The same purpose was achieved in thee earlier construct.

A federal bailout protects their prior overspending.  Then, full control over the mail-in ballots provides them the security they need for the 2020 election.  Do not expect UniParty Republicans to oppose this effort.

Just like when the DC republicans supported the attacks against the Tea Party groups (protect their own incumbency), the DC decepticons will offer only weak verbal opposition to this effort; nothing of substance.   In reality the Democrats and Republicans both benefit from the removal of President Trump and a return to the status-quo.

The plan has been visible for quite some time.  Hence CTH earlier warning:

SF Source The Conservative Treehouse May 2020

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