UK Government Drops Plans For Vaccine Passports

vaccine passportNiamh Harris – Health secretary Sajid Javid has announced that the UK government has ditched its plans for domestic vaccine passports for use in large venues such as nightclubs.

On Sunday morning Javid announced: “We will not be going ahead with vaccine passports”

He said the government had looked at the evidence, adding: “I’m pleased to say we will not be going ahead….We shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it.”

Javid also said that he wanted to “get rid” of PCR tests for travel and has asked for advice on the issue and that he was “not anticipating” any more lockdowns.

On Tuesday, prime minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce plans to keep Covid under control over the winter.

The Independent reports: His remarks followed a report in The Sunday Times, suggesting the prime minister will ditch proposals for domestic vaccine passports later this week as he unveils a Covid winter plan.

Just days ago, No 10 defended the policy, however, saying the plans remained in place, with details due to be set out “in the coming weeks”.

Meanwhile, plans for vaccinations for 12- to 15-year-olds across the UK are to be announced by the government this week, according to reports.

NHS leaders are believed to have been briefed on plans to vaccinate children in a mass inoculation programme beginning in schools on 22 September.

SF Source News Punch Sep 2021

2 thoughts on “UK Government Drops Plans For Vaccine Passports

  1. Common sense (it appears!) has finally broken out within the U.K Government!

    There is, and never was any justification for ‘vaccine passports,’ either here in the U.K or any country across the globe.

    I suspect the likely reason for this announcement is the fact that far fewer (than they want to admit) of the U.K populace have made a free will choice not to have the ‘vaccine’, and thus it is unworkable. ‘We The People’ worldwide are the real power, not a miniscule (alleged) group of aging technocrats/would be demagogue’s with a fantasy to rule over all life on earth, None of this can manifest without the consent of the global populace. As an analogy: If we see the current ‘System’/Matrix’ as a car, the car cannot function without ‘energy’, which is the fuel: As long as we keep putting fuel in the tank, the car keeps rolling along: When we cease to put fuel in the car it eventually stops, it no longer has any power. That is the inevitable outcome for humanity, which these people fear, The sooner we realise how powerful we all are, and stop giving away our power, the sooner the world outer scene will change, It begins with each one of us: ‘Be the Change You Want to See in the World’.

    1. The people are waking up. Your assumption that they’re lying about the number who agreed to be lab rats is likely correct. Many who took the first shot aren’t volunteering for a second. And those who did aren’t thrilled about the on-going roll-outs of poison to have their passport “current.” As a consequence the eugenics agenda is failing. -g

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