Ukraine On Fire – Full Documentary With Oliver Stone [Video]

Alexandra Bruce – Produced by Oliver Stone, this documentary takes a deep dive into how the peaceful Kiev protests in February 2014 suddenly became extremely violent and deadly, to become known as the “2014 Ukrainian Revolution.” This is the story that Westerners never saw on the Mainstream Media.

Finally, English-speakers can now view this film. Originally released in 2016, Academy-Award-winner Stone was unable to find a Western distributor for this film. A Russian language version aired immediately on Russian TV.

The post-Soviet 1990s saw the rise of corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs who absconded with state assets, leading to “Color Revolutions” in 2004 and 2014, culminating in the US-backed installation of Ukraine’s current regime.

Oliver Stone’s interviews, first with former President Viktor Yanukovych begins at the 25:30 mark.

Looking at the past 14 years, I see how my beliefs, for example, about former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko were completely manipulated by the US State Department – the former employer of his Chicago-born wife!

Some may recall that Yushchenko survived an assassination attempt from dioxin poisoning in 2004 and he thus gained my sympathy – until I learned here that he’d elevated WWII Ukrainian Nazi leader, Stepan Bandera to the status of National Hero in 2010, a move which was internationally condemned and overturned by a Donetsk court a year later.

‘Ukraine on Fire’ is the kind of rare gem that’s becoming harder to find…

SF Source Forbidden Knowledge TV Jan 2018

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