Unanswered Questions About the Hard Sell

drugsEric Peters – Would you describe someone who chose not to purchase a new car equipped with an unconventional engine, that had no track record for reliability or safety and which was sold “as is,” without a warranty of any kind and made by a company that had somehow wrangled legal immunity from being sued if the car turned out to be a dangerous lemon as “hesitant” – or prudent?

We all know the answer, including those pushing hard to get everyone to accept being injected with a drug that has an unknown track record for long-term safety, that comes without a warranty of any kind, made by companies that not only have wrangled legal immunity for themselves but who also have a track record for purveying harmful drugs in the past  – and a billion-dollar profit motive to continue doing so.

Why is it that common sense and due diligence when it comes to buying a car is characterized as “hesitance” when it comes to drugs by the pharmaceutical cartels, the Pope of Science, his front man Joe Biden (whose father was a used car salesman) and other questionably motivated parties?

The use of that smear-tactic word alone is a sound reason for keeping one’s sleeve rolled up.

Beware any salesman who insults your intelligence for questioning what he’s trying to sell you. An honest salesman – there are some – will welcome your questions, if he has nothing to hide. And he will have convincing answers, if what he is selling is something that makes sense for you to buy.

If not, he’ll concede it’s not in your interest to buy – and he’ll say thanks for giving him your time and to come back later if you change your mind.

People who aren’t marks become immediately suspicious when a salesman becomes evasive – and questions them for questioning him – as the Pope of Science did, recently. Most people who aren’t marks would walk away from a salesman who began to insult or berate them, as the Pope of Science and his “team” have been doing, since the beginning.

If they kept on pushing – following you home, say – their weird desperation would not only annoy you, it would probably make you immune to giving the time of day to anything they had to say

The question arises: Why would any prudent person buy what these people are trying to sell given what we know – and do not know – about what they’re selling?

And about the sellers, themselves?

We know that the “vaccines” are novel – i.e., very recently developed and given an “emergency use” authorization that exempts them from even the iffy-scanty safety-efficacy protocols that usually apply.

We know that no one knows what the long-term effects of these “vaccines” may be. They are cross-your-fingers-and-hope-for-the-best. Most prudent people wouldn’t eat street food on that basis.

We know there are serious – and numerous – “adverse events” that have resulted from being injected with whatever’s-in-those syringes. These include death – at least 6,000 so far – as well as thousands of “cases” of palsy, severe blood clotting, strokes and other such unpleasant things that a prudent person can 100 percent avoid – by not taking the unknown risk of being injected.

We know that the manufacturers of whatever’s-in-those-needles are legally immunized from being held accountable for any harms their drugs cause.

We know that the manufacturers of these drugs have harmed people in the past. We generally do not trust people – or companies – that have harmed us in the past. This is prudent.

Why should we give such people or companies the benefit of the doubt now?

We know the manufacturers of these drugs have an enormous profit motive incentivizing them to push these drugs and that they are in a position to use the force of government and the collusive sway they have over corporations (including their shills in the media) to compel people to “buy.”

We know that drug-pushers like “Dr.” Fauci – who hasn’t practiced medicine in decades – have incestuous ties to the pharmaceutical cartels pushing the drugs and a personal profit motive to get people to take the drugs. And not just this drug. The cartels – and the government and corporations – have a financial and a controlling interest in establishing the precedent for making people take whatever drugs they decree to be needful.

Why is it that mentioning these facts, raising the questions they prompt – and giving voice to what the answers to them imply – is smeared as “hesitancy”? Would you buy a car from such a salesman?

On the same terms?

Some more whys bear asking – and answering:

Why on earth should a person who is not greatly or even significantly at risk of dying from a sickness that is known not to kill 99.8-something percent of the otherwise healthy population assume the unknown long-term risks as well as the known short-term risks of being injected with whatever’s-in-those-syringes? Knowing that if whatever’s-in-those-needles maims or kills him neither he nor his family will be able to seek compensation in the usual manner because the companies that make these “vaccines” are legally shielded from liability for the harms their products cause?

Why should children and young adults – who are at essentially no risk at all of dying from this sickness – be injected with a substance that we know has already caused the deaths of several previously healthy children and young adults and which may cause those injected grievous harm in the months and years ahead?

Why are people who’ve been “vaccinated” getting sick? If it “works,” then this ought not to be happening. And if does not “work,” then why should anyone assume the above-mentioned risks?

Why should anyone trust the for-profit pharmaceutical cartels or anything that drug-pushers like Dr. Fauci – who have admitted lying to the public – have to say about the safety or efficacy of these drugs?

These are all reasonable questions that deserve to be reasonably answered. That those asking them are being smeared as “hesitant” – with the implication being that they are mindlessly spooked – is a titanic descriptive inversion. It is in fact the mindlessly spooked who are rolling up their sleeves to be injected with whatever’s-in-those-syringes, believing whatever they’re told, asking no questions.

Shady car salesmen love such buyers.

But at least all they’re selling are crappy cars with Motor Honey in the oil, sawdust in the transmission fluid and rolled back odometers. And they haven’t got the power to make you buy what they’re selling.

Nor feel ashamed for not buying.

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  1. Yah, vaccine hesitancy is a rather silly description. The people who did not want the vaccine know damn well why they don’t. There is no hesitancy.

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