Healing with Metals & Singing Bowls

Find your own unique Metallic Blend of Subtle Energy! Simple Techniques to balance this Energy!

energyJill Mattson – An ancient Hermetic technique of diagnosing your subtle energy imbalances and correcting them for health – on emotional, mental and physical levels is below. Subtle energy balancing can be done many ways, but this one is so unique… balance all of your subtle energies by harmonizing the metal energy within! (This is the work of Peter Morrell.)

The ancient even metals are:


First, identify ancient metallic subtle energy within you. Second balance this energy – for harmony balance and inner peace.

Identifying which metallic energies you possess!

Metals correspond respectively to the seven known planets in antiquity: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Metals also were linked to personalities described in astrology and Hermetic magic. In an example, Mars is seen as masculine and active, Venus is feminine, artistic and passive, Jupiter the theorizer, Saturn the lord of death, Mercury the communicator, Sun the day-king and Moon the night goddess.

Metals are associated with parts of the body:

Sun – gold – aurum – heart and spine
Moon – silver – argentums – brain and fluids
Mercury – Mercury – hydrargyrum – nervous system, lungs
Venus – copper – cuprum – kidneys, nutrition
Mars – iron – ferrum – blood, muscles and circulation
Jupiter – tin – stannum – liver & gall bladder
Saturn – lead – plum bum – skeleton and skin, hair, nails
Similarly the planets and metals correspond to certain colors, such as:
Sun – gold – gold’s, yellows
Moon – silver – white, cream, greens
Mercury – mercury – silver, grey, yellow
Venus – copper – blues, pinks, pastel shades
Mars – iron – reds & browns
Jupiter – tin – oranges
Saturn – lead – black, dark colors, purple, violet, indigo

In addition colors are correlated to musical pitches:

Red – C
Orange – D
Gold – D#
Yellow – E
Green – F#
Blue – G#
Indigo – A
Violet – A#
Red Violet – B
White – B/C

Foods can also be classified as the seven metals, such as:

Sun – Sunflower seeds, oranges, eggs, grapes
Moon – melons, cucumbers, yogurt, cheese, milk
Mercury – cereals
Venus – fruits, potato, chocolate, sweets, berries
Mars – peppers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, curry, meats, black pudding
Jupiter – nuts, seeds, lemons, apples
Saturn – coffee, carob, olives

By examining your color and food preferences, personality qualities that match the metals/planets, and your health issues you can determine what predominant subtle energy of metals you possess – the metallic strengths and weaknesses in your body. We all have some metallic energy, but a balanced presence is rare and to be prized.

Peter Morrell advised how identify imbalances, “If you like blacks and dark blues, sleep easily, but are hard to rouse and lack energy then you have a clear excess of lead. But you may also feel brightened by reds, which is your second favorite color. This indicates a lack of iron. Thus this person should reduce the lead in their life and heighten the iron. By making this kind of adjustment, they can compensate for the lack of one and excess of another. They will lose their tiredness and gain a more positive outlook, just through making quite subtle changes to the contents of their life.”
Balance Your Metallic Energies

[1] “As a general rule, men need to cultivate more silver or copper to tone down their mars, and women need to develop more lead or iron to balance their copper and silver.

[2] “A simple example of alchemical re-tuning would be to wear a tin or orange bracelet if a person was prone to liver problems. Kidney complaints could be improved by ‘bringing copper more intimately into your life’; nerve disorders through bringing silver; heart through bringing gold, etc.”

[3] Many other methods exist to balance this subtle energy. Selectively placing rocks around your house and garden, altering your diet/supplements, surrounding yourself with colors or singing the tone that matches the mineral will do!

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Aug 2018

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