Elementals At Play

19 November – Jupiter conjunct Galactic Centre
19 November – Mars into Scorpio
20 November – Mercury Direct 11° Scorpio
20 November – Venus Square Neptune
21 November – Ceres conjunct Quaoar
22 November – Sun into Sagittarius
23 November – Venus conjunct Galactic Centre
24 November – Venus conjunct Jupiter
24 November – Mars opposite Uranus

Galactic CenterLorna Bevan – Can you feel the shift? The 2020 Freedom Codes are incoming and accelerating. You experienced it at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October and it undeniably intensified at the Taurus Full Moon 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November. It will build to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December Solstice – culminating on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into a once in 507-year conjunction in Capricorn.

In the 3D world, the Collapse of the old gathers momentum, the floods and wild fires out of control, outdated political and financial are systems at breaking point. In 5D, we are approaching a watershed moment  when the trajectory is switching to a more progressive arc leading to the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction In Aquarius at the 2020 December Solstice – one of the brightest astrological beacons we’ve had in a long time.

For your essential Guide to the whole of 2020 subscribe to my Special Edition 2020 5D Report: “The Great Reset” which includes the 6 Convergences; the Headlines; Personal and Collective Themes + Strategies for maximizing the Freedom Codes.

This week, the Elementals come out to play, reviving and restoring your spirits and lifting your gaze to take in the big picture after three weeks of self-obsession during the deeply plutonic Scorpio Mercury retrograde and Taurus Full Moon. You will feel the Big Switch from the 1999-2019 Cycle of Seeking to the 2020-2030 Cycle of Creating start to kick in.

On November 24th – one of the luckiest days of the year- Venus and Jupiter cross the Galactic Center together. This is creative energy at the intersection of structure and unpredictability……the visible and invisible……generating disciplined wildness via questing, learning, teaching, travelling and celebrating diversity in all its forms.

With the Galactic Center – our homing signal and source of new electro-magnetic codes – being activated, think of it as being re-tuned to multiple bandwidths. Mercury turns Direct on the 20th, bringing up the gold from your recent trip to the Scorpionic underworld.

It’s not about trying to reverse engineer enlightenment or peak side effects – glittering unicorns like bliss, manifestation, telepathy – but about allowing your innate state of grace and alignment to spark.

A heads up! We’re now in the December 26 Solar Eclipse Zone – a cosmic wild card bringing events outside your control 4 weeks before to 6 months after the eclipse date. Be prepared – buy my 6 page “Making Eclipses Work For You” for 2020 eclipse dates and applicable tools.

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The Chandra Symbol for Venus/Jupiter conjunct the Galactic Center:
A Witch’s Ritual dagger

“Strong, focused intent to create and stay with your own world within the world. Being flooded by collective contents and then strategically carving out a distinctive way of being with an emphasis upon eccentricity and maverick ways.

Being impelled to generate tenuous yet firm boundaries to give any hope at all of continuity and consistency.

You are at an advanced and intricate crossroads in development, where you are inwardly blown wide open and outwardly desperate to forge individuality and personal life.

The cosmos inundates the landscape. And the one inside the body makes endless small gestures to constitute an island reality that fools nobody and only momentarily keeps the flood-tide at bay.” –  From Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale”

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SF Source Hare In The Moon Nov 2019

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