Want To Buy The Best Instant Coffee? Follow These Guidelines

What is instant coffee?

instant coffeeInstant coffee, also known as soluble coffee is basically a beverage made from dried powdered coffee beans that only requires hot water to make a brew of hot coffee. It was during the American Civil War that a concentrated mixture of coffee/milk/sugar was given to the soldiers who had to add it to hot water to make a cup of coffee.

Instant coffee in today’s world

Today, many companies are producing instant coffee as the market for the product has expanded. Some of the best instant coffee is available at any local grocery store or mall. Not only are these brands of instant coffee making their products with high-quality beans, but they are also a lot cheaper.

Instant coffee vs. ground coffee

There has been a debate for ages in the coffee-drinking community. It is about instant coffee vs. ground coffee. Instant coffee is basically just ground coffee that has gone through a process to create a soluble coffee powder. This coffee powder dissolves in any hot liquid easily without leaving any residue.

Buy the right instant coffee

When we talk about the best instant coffee one can buy there are many factors you should keep in mind. There are many big brands selling some of the best instant coffee in the market. When instant coffee was introduced to the public, the reaction was quite bad. But, today their production includes the best quality beans.

Key points to keep in mind before making a purchase

When you want the best instant coffee you need to look out for a few things. Every brand will tell you their coffee is the best and the advertising on the packaging will make you believe it. But, there are a few key points to keep in mind if you really want the best instant coffee.

1. The beans

Most brands will inform you about where their beans come from. Today, you can choose your coffee beans based on which country they come from. You can use the same idea with instant coffee. Many big names in the instant coffee industry market their products based on which country they get their beans from.

2. The roast

Instant coffee is just ground coffee beans that have undergone the roasting process. After this, they are freeze-dried to create a soluble coffee powder. Most companies today will tell the buyer about their roasting process on the packaging of the product. This will give you an idea of what you’re about to buy.

3. Single origin source

You might have noticed some coffee packets saying “single origin” coffee. You should always go for single origin Arabica coffee as this means the coffee is from a single source and hasn’t been mixed with anything. This is usually the purest Arabica coffee.

4. Levels of caffeine

The levels of caffeine present in any coffee product are always featured on the packaging. You can note how much caffeine is present in a particular brand’s coffee. Then you can compare it with rival brands and buy the best instant coffee product according to your need.

5. Additional ingredients

Today, some of the leading coffee brands in the world include additional ingredients in their instant coffee. These may help it brew faster or even make it taste like regular ground coffee. Some of the ingredients may provide additional flavor and it will be up to your taste if you wish to continue with the product or brand.

6. Try out different brands

Some of the best instant coffee available in the market today is relatively affordable. This allows customers and potential buyers a chance to try out different brands before making a long term commitment to a particular one. They even come in travel packs that consist of just a few packets for people to try.

7. Packaging

Do you want your instant coffee for regular use or for travel? Instant coffee is a powder that requires a particular way of storage to avoid moisture. You need to know before buying what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re traveling, then a packet of individual packets will be a better option. If you need it for daily use then buy the one that comes in a jar.

Most brands selling the best instant coffee sell them in both variations for their customers.

8. Price

The price is obviously important for the consumer but you should also see the quality. For the best instant coffee, you shouldn’t mind paying a bit extra. But, that’s only if the coffee is worth the extra amount. You also need to keep in mind that instant coffee saves you extra work.

Tips to remember

♦ It should dissolve in any hot liquid without any residue. The best instant coffee does not leave any residue.

♦ Try using hot milk instead of water as it will enhance the taste.

♦ Don’t follow the serving portions instructed on the packaging, let your taste buds decide.

♦ You can add cocoa powder, vanilla or even cinnamon to your cup of coffee to enhance the flavor.

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