Warning Signs Your Loved One is becoming an Alcoholic

For most people, finding a way to relax after a hard day’s work is essential. One of the most common ways for adults to relax is by having an alcoholic beverage.

Having just one drink can be hard for someone who has a history of alcoholism in their family. If you are dealing with a loved one who drinks constantly, it is safe to assume you are dealing with a lot of stress. There are a number of warning signs you may encounter when a loved one is heading towards becoming an alcoholic and here are some of them.

1. The Need to Drink More

One of the first things you will usually notice when a loved one is becoming an alcoholic is a need to drink even more. Over time, a person’s tolerance to alcohol will begin to increase and they will have to drink even more to get the same effects. The more alcohol a person consumes, the higher their chance will be of becoming a full-blown alcoholic.

While some people are perfectly fine having a few drinks and calling it quits, alcoholics find it hard to stop. If you notice your loved one is drinking high-quantities of alcohol on a daily basis, you need to act. The longer they keep up this activity, the higher the risk to their health will become.

2. Experiencing Withdrawals

Another common sign you may see when a loved one is becoming an alcoholic is the fact that they have withdrawals when not able to consume alcohol. These withdrawal symptoms can range from cold sweating to vomiting. The reason why a person has these withdrawals is due to the dependency they have for a daily dose of alcohol. Often times, a person will need to be hospitalized in order to get over these problems safely.

As soon as you start to notice these withdrawals, you need to contact a medical professional immediately. In some cases, withdrawals from alcohol can cause things like seizures. If a person does not seek out treatment for these problems, they may wind up in the grave.

3. Run Ins With the Law

If your loved one has been arrested for public drunkenness or a DUI recently, then now is the time to start planning an intervention. While a criminal lawyer will be able to help a person who has been arrested for a DUI, it is still important to get them help to overcome their alcoholism. Staging an intervention is a great way for a person to see how their drinking is affecting the ones they love.

Being arrested for a DUI can damage a person’s reputation and make it hard for them to get work. Getting your loved one the help they need can get their life back on track. Not only is a DUI costly to the individual who is charged with it, it puts motorists on the road in a lot of danger as well.

4. Continued Drinking Even After Health Problems

When a person’s drinking starts to adversely affect their health, it should be a wakeup call. If the person in question continues to drink even after health problems arise, it is safe to assume they are an alcoholic. The damage done to the liver over time due to excessive drinking can cause a number of serious health issues.

Failing to get your loved one the help they need may end in them dying as a result of their constant drinking. Reaching out to mental health professionals who have treated alcoholics in the past is important. Selecting professionals with experience is a great way to get the help a person needs to overcome their addiction.

If a person finds themselves behind bars following a DUI arrest, contacting a lawyer is their best bet. A lawyer will be able to provide a person with the guidance they need to move past this bad experience.

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