Ways CBD Enhances Meditation

These days, people seem to be more stressed. There’s a constant hustle to get ahead at work while perfectly balancing everything in your personal life. This can lead to an increase in mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. Ironically, the hustle to get ahead can actually push you behind because of your mental health.

Meditation is a great tool for helping individuals to relax, find what’s really important to them, and prioritize self-care. Research shows that those who meditate regularly are more productive, happier, sleep better, and have fewer mental health issues those who skip it.

To enhance the benefits of meditation, many people are beginning their routines by putting under their tongue oil that contains CBD. The secret ingredient, which is a derivative of the hemp plant and lacks any psychoactive properties, absorbs through the mucous membranes of your mouth and may provide a host of health and wellness benefits. Many people don’t meditate without it!

You might be surprised that so many people centering on themselves would be using CBD to help their meditation. First of all, CBD is not a drug—it simply comes from the same plant where certain drugs are made.

Secondly, it contains cannabinoids that can pair with the cannabinoids already inside your body. The result is a heightened sense of self and a feeling of greater health overall. Let’s look at some of these benefits as it pertains to meditation.

1. Improves Sleep

About two thirds of Americans say they’re not getting enough sleep, and a third report getting less than 6 hours per night of sleep. Sometimes, this is a problem associated with a diagnosed sleep disorder. In more common cases, it has to do with stress and anxiety that keeps people awake. As their minds race uncontrollably, they’re unable to fall asleep and sleep fitfully when they do.

A sleep-deprived meditator will have a very difficult time focusing and getting the most out of a meditative session, and CBD might be able to help. Many CBD users report falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night without the negative side effects of sleeping aids like headaches and grogginess. This simple, natural remedy could significantly improve your meditation sessions.

2. Heightens Focus

Meditation requires a unique level of focus that’s not always easy to achieve. What’s easy is thinking about all you have to do that day, the stresses of work, the anxieties of meeting new people, and the background noise you’re trying to drown out.

There are many strategies meditators use to increase focus like breathing, changing the environment, closing the eyes, and using a guided meditation tool. Some meditators are also using CBD, which some report can enhance focus significantly. This is likely attributed to its ability to treat lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress, which are the most common reasons that you might not be able to focus in a meditation session.

3. Lessens Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the biggest enemies to meditation. When you first start, anxious thoughts might push their way to the forefront of your meditation session, making it difficult for you to center on the positive mantras and thoughts needed for the day. It’s just what anxiety does.

CBD has shown great promise in reducing anxiety for many people. It’s the most common use of CBD because it seemingly works so well. Research indicates that it might lower cortisol levels and boost dopamine and serotonin levels for greater peace and comfort.

The use of CBD among those with anxiety is prolific. For CBD users with anxiety, about half of them said they replaced their prescription anti-anxiety medications with CBD because it was just as or more effective with fewer side effects. Imagine your meditation sessions with such an effective anti-anxiety agent!

4. Combats Physical Distress

It’s hard to focus on your innermost thoughts and needs when you can feel aches and pains throughout your body. Oftentimes, ignoring the rest of the world allows you to feel those aches and pains more poignantly, and it can be difficult to focus on the meditative process.

The best CBD oil has been linked with reducing pain and inflammation. It’s believed that it reduces blood flow to the areas of an injury or tense spot so that the body can get to work healing. It’s been compared to an NSAID but without the harmful effects on the lining of the stomach.

5. Relaxes the Whole Body

Another residual side effect of CBD is that it can induce relaxation throughout the body. Part of this comes from its ability to decrease pain, inflammation, and anxiety that can cause tense muscles and discomfort.

The whole goal of meditation is to find a center of peace that lets you relax and enjoy a better quality of life, and CBD can help. This sensation is often called the entourage effect, referring to a holistic sense of peace and well-being brought on by heightened cannabinoids in the body.

6. Increases Feelings of Happiness

An intrinsic benefit of meditating more often is an increase in serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. These are the hormones associated with feeling happy. CBD can also increase these positive hormones, enhancing the effects of meditation.

It’s believed that CBD mimics the feeling of happiness by binding with serotonin receptors as they travel through your endocannabinoid system. There’s a growing body of research to indicate this aspect of CBD.

7. Protects the Brain

Some research has shown that CBD could have neuroprotective properties. It’s believed that it could promote cell growth, particularly in the brain. It has been proven that CBD helps to reduce seizures for patients with epilepsy, and it may have other neurological protective properties as well, like boosting memory and reducing the risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Meditation also has neuroprotective benefits that are worth mentioning. It stimulates cell growth and improves memory as well. It may also reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Together, these two neuroprotective ingredients could be unstoppable!

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