Ways on How to Improve Muscle Recovery

Rest it out

muscle recoveryGet more sleep. Take time to heal. More often than not, this is the most overlooked methods in improving muscle recovery. There are several studies that show that inadequate amount of sleep has a negative impact on the overall recovery of the body.

Consume more protein

Foods rich in protein naturally aids your body to produce cells that are meant to repair your muscles. It is even recommended for you to take a light protein snack, even before bedtime to allow your body to keep on repairing itself even while you sleep. Protein-rich food includes lean meat and poultry, dairy products, seeds, beans, and legumes.

Keep hydrated

Enhance your recovery by ensuring that your body is well hydrated. While eight glasses of water is the recommended water intake for an average individual, a person recovering from a muscle injury may need even more. This is because recovery includes exercises that will help your muscles rebuild themselves. Lack of sufficient hydration while you are exercising may cause more damage to your muscles, which is why it is important to replenish the fluids lost by your body.

You can also drink some chocolate milk, which is high in protein, to help build your muscles naturally. A tart cherry juice can also do the trick to keep you nourished. Apart from water, you also have the option of trying out other juice recipes that have the capability to allow your body to recover faster.

Use muscle recovery devices

There are already various muscle recovery devices and one of the most popular ones utilized in rehab sessions is the TENS unit. The best TENS unit often reduces muscle pain while enhancing recovery time at the same time. It has electrodes that sends stimulating pulses to your nerves, reducing muscle tensions prompting your body to naturally heal itself. The simple application of kinesiology tapes also helps in speeding up natural muscle recovery.

Consider exercise equipment

Foam rollers may just be your best friend when you are on your road to a muscle recovery. Rolling muscles with foam or semi-rigid rollers can help remove muscle knots and tension and induce healing. You can also refer to a physical therapist to know more about the proper equipment that you can use based on your condition.

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