Ways To Keep Your Money Safe Online

moneyBetween online banking, remote bill pay, and all your different mobile wallets, your money is intricately mingled in cyberspace.  Digital theft takes place everyday, but a lot of the risk can be avoided by simply understanding what it takes to keep your money secure.

Most financial companies are consistently working to improve the level of cybersecurity they provide for customers, but ultimately the job comes down to you.  You’re only as safe as the precautions you take online.  Read through this brief look at five ways to keep your money safe in the digital realm.

Do all of your banking from home

When you’re in public, don’t let the boredom send you into money management mode.  Managing any financial situation on a public network places your money at risk.

Never trust the wifi in the airport or your favorite coffee shop.  Cyber criminals see these places as an open market for theft.  Pay your bills while sitting comfortably in your pajamas at home.  Your home network is much safer.

Always use two-step authentication

You want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to steal your login information when it comes to anything financial online.  Setting up a multi-step authentication process will give you another level of security.

Learn how to choose a difficult password, and don’t set your authentication questions to something that will be easy to guess.  Digital thieves understand the most common passwords used by users, so don’t go generic with your password choices.

Use a password management tool

You probably have quite a few accounts that require passwords, and it’s important that you don’t use the same password for every account.  If you have trouble remembering your passwords, use an encrypted password management tool.  You can safely store the information you need to access all of your accounts and never have to worry about forgetting which passwords go where.

Look for the right approvals

If you’re working with an online banking platform, it’s wise to check for crucial approvals to accredit the site you’re using.

You want to see approval from the FDIC, and make certain that your chosen bank has the “https” label at the head of their URL.

Also, remember that banking should always be done from a secured network, and your home is the safest place for managing your money.

Make sure your devices are protected

Whatever your chosen device for accessing your financial information online happens to be, you should always invest in updated antivirus and firewall security.

Make sure to keep your operating system current with updates, and always filter what you choose to download.  Keeping your devices secure is just as important as any other piece of the digital security puzzle.

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