What Can I Do to Cope with Hair Loss Due to Cancer?

Hair lossA cancer diagnosis can affect your health in many ways. You can feel overwhelmed and weakened by the disease. Something people overlook is that the changes in your physical appearance will affect you as well. While not all cancer will lead to hair loss, it is one of the most common side-effects of the disease. Those who opt for chemotherapy, in particular, can experience hair loss all over their body. Radiation therapy also causes hair loss.

Hair loss from cancer treatment is often temporary. However, what do you do when you start to experience excessive hair loss? What about when you begin to lose your lashes? Can you get eyelash extensions that look like your natural lashes? Are there cosmetics that can help your hair grow back faster?

Cancer patients often think they shouldn’t focus on trivial things like hair loss. However, there’s no reason why cancer patients shouldn’t look and feel their best. From clinical trials that aim to prevent hair loss caused by cancer treatment to wigs and faux mink lashes — there are several ways to combat and cope with this. Start with some of these tips before you visit the oncology room.

Research different treatments

Have your health care providers given you all the options? Cancer treatment differs according to the diagnosis. For example, common cancers like breast cancer may not always require chemotherapy after surgery. Find the perfect place for the treatment you choose. Insurance companies and health care providers can give you great recommendations. However, don’t limit your hunt to in-person or company led referrals. For accurate results, make sure your online search is specific. For example, if you’re in Sparta, NJ, type in “best cancer treatment center in Sparta, NJ,” instead of “cancer center, NJ.”

Your research does not have to begin at the time of your diagnosis. If you have a family history of prostate cancer, for example, you can get regular prostate exams. Also, ask your health care providers about experimental treatments. Some drugs may prevent prostate cancer as well as combat hair loss.

Look to the beauty industry

Even the most supportive family members will not be able to prevent your hair loss. Of course, they will help give you support during your cancer treatment. They can drive you to the medical center and boost your mood after treatments. However, they can’t do what a beauty squad can. If you’re worried about thinning hair, try a fashionable headscarf. Or, pick out a wig before you step foot in the cancer center. This way, you can get used to how you look in it before your hair falls out.

Your eyebrows may begin to thin, and you may even lose your real lashes. False eyelashes are a good option. Instead of drugstore brands, go all-out and buy something that will make you look and feel great. Mink is luxurious, but for cruelty-free lashes, try faux mink eyelashes. These synthetic mink lashes are made to resemble real mink hair but are entirely cruelty-free. The strip lashes have a natural look. They also add the full volume your natural lash no longer can after cancer treatment.

There are several benefits to faux mink eyelash extensions. You can pick a lash style to suit your eye shape or add a little glam to your life. They fit on the baseline of your own lashes and are easy to glue on over your real lashes. You can trim the synthetic mink to fit your lash band perfectly so they won’t even look like false eyelashes.

Care for your hair

Learn how to care for your hair before it begins to fall out. Castor oil may not help you avoid eyelash extensions altogether. However, there’s no harm trying the treatment on your real lashes before they start to thin. Avoid hair care cosmetics that contain too many chemicals. Also, avoid hot hair treatments as that may make your hair fall out faster.

You can also try a treatment called cold cap therapy. It involves cooling your scalp to constrict the blood vessels. The treatment often reduces hair loss caused by chemotherapy. However, it does have a few side effects. So, ask someone with a medical degree if this is safe for you before you choose this.

Try therapy

You may be in the best medical offices and the most comfortable cancer center in the United States. Your family members can be as supportive as possible. You may even have a beauty squad that helps you get access to the most glam false eyelashes and hair cosmetics that won’t damage your scalp. However, what about the emotional trauma of losing your hair?

Your medical center should provide you with access to therapy. If it does not, don’t be shy to ask about it. The best cosmetics, false eyelashes, and hair treatments will not combat the emotional effects of hair loss. Remember that it’s not just about vanity. The experience of hair loss has many psychological effects as well. It will help to talk to a medical professional about how it makes you feel.

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