What Democrats Have Planned For America

Black Lives MatterAmerican Liberty Report – Looking back with hindsight 20/20, patriotic American Christians may come to regret Obama’s failure to implement Sharia law in the US. That would have been far preferable to what the witches, warlocks and pagan weirdoes of the Democrat Party and BLM have planned for us. At least under Sharia law you would have been able to keep your job after paying your dhimmi tax. Under BLM pagan “law,” you cannot have a job and very soon you will not be able to keep your life unless you have Jesus, a tire iron and an AR-15 in your corner.

The Democrat Party and BLM are completely saturated with witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery and other superstitious pagan beliefs. Why don’t more people recognize this when it is so obvious?

In her first official public act after her stunning defeat in 2016, Hillary Clinton joined a witch coven. People have known Hillary was a witch for decades. She used to fly out to Hollywood once a month when she was First Lady in order to attend seances and whatever other weird stuff that witches do in their little witch meetings. But after she lost in 2016, she threw off that whole pretentious “Methodist” mask that everyone knew was fake.

This isn’t a joke or hyperbole and you can look it up for yourself. Hillary Clinton joined a witch coven in New York called the “The Wing” in 2016. She’s a witch. She thinks she has magic powers.

And she’s not the only one. Think of Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY). If you’ve read the delightful Christian allegories of J.R.R. Tolkien, such as “The Hobbit” or “The Lord of the Rings,” (books that will soon be publicly burned for their lack of black transgender characters) Congressman Nadler is immediately recognizable. Nadler is three feet tall, he eats 17 meals a day and he has huge clumps of hair on his feet. He’s basically a Hobbit.

But Nadler views himself as a different character from those beloved children’s stories. He thinks he’s Gandalf the Wizard. If you don’t believe this, you need to carefully read the impeachment brief that Nadler filed against President Donald Trump last year.

Nadler wrote that the transcript of Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president was irrelevant. It didn’t matter that the contents of that phone call never involved a quid pro quo. What mattered was what was in Trump’s mind while he made the phone call… and Nadler KNEW. He proclaimed himself to be able to read Trump’s mind.

It used to be funny when Johnny Carson did his “Karnak the Magnificent” skit, pretending to know the answers to questions before he read them. It’s not quite as funny when the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee thinks he has magical mind-reading powers that allow him to impeach a president for thoughts that no one else can see. It kind of goes against that whole “evidence” requirement that Western Civilization and true justice depends upon. I’m not a mind-reader personally, but I’m predicting that there won’t be very many salads in Gandalf the Tubby’s future.

Democrats claim to be the “Party of Science,” and yet their ranks are swollen with superstitious pagans who probably wonder what that big “boom” sound from the sky is that happens after a lightning strike. Don’t believe me?

BLM supporters believe that you are magically shielded from coronavirus if you belong to their cult. If you go to a Trump rally, you’ll get sick. But a BLM riot? You’re perfectly safe in that case.

They believe American soil has magical properties. If an illegal alien just touches our magic dirt, they are to be given cradle-to-grave welfare, full immediate voting rights and reparations for crimes that didn’t happen to their ancestors who were never in America. Much like kissing a frog, touching American dirt magically turns an illegal alien into an “American citizen” under their belief system.

If you own a milk cow, its flatulence burns holes in the ozone layer several miles above the earth and… I could go on for hours with examples of the INSANE beliefs of BLM and Democrats.

But all of that pales in comparison with the pagan “white privilege” and racism-sniffing abilities of BLM acolytes. “Systemic racism” permeates everything in America, and only BLM supporters can sniff it out and identify it! Their powers are so finely tuned that they can even tell when a Hispanic, Asian or black person is a “white supremacist.”

And once they publicly identify you, you probably won’t be able to keep your job if you work for a cowardly organization that thinks it can appease the mob. Just ask that poor guy who worked for an electric company who was cracking his knuckles at an intersection. Someone photographed him and posted it on Twitter, claiming that he was making the “OK” hand gesture which is somehow now a “racism” thing.

The guy was suspended within 4 hours of that photo landing on Twitter, and he was fired less than a day later. His own employers fired him for being a “white supremacist.” Which seems weird since he was Hispanic, but whatever. The racism sniffers of BLM know best.

This is a spiritual war, whether you want to recognize it or not. Very soon now, you won’t be able to duck and hide from it any longer. Jesus warned His followers that if they did not own a sword, they should sell their shirt to purchase one – because bad times were comin’.

For those who have ears to hear… it’s time to sell your shirt.

SF Source American Liberty Report Jun 2020

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