What Is the Mind Body Connection and How It Affects Your Health

Mind Body Connection Are you trying to figure out your mind body connection? Read this article to understand what the mind body connection is and how it affects your health.

Stress, sadness, anxiety—these are universal emotions that everyone experiences sooner or later. You may have even noticed the mind body connection when one of these intense emotions popped up.

For example, stress from work could keep you up at night as you’re worrying about a particular account or invoice. That, in turn, can lead to exhaustion, leaving your body run down.

On the other hand, maybe you work out regularly and realize that it makes you feel happy and alive. Both are an example of how our mind and body affect one another.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

What’s going on in our mind can and does affect our physical health. Conversely, what we eat, how much we exercise, and other physical factors determine our mental health.

Western medicine tends to separate the mind and body when it comes to taking care of each. We have doctors and dentists to take care of our aches, pains, and more serious illnesses.

And there are psychiatrists and therapists to take care of our mental health and well-being.

But how do we nurture the mind body connection to achieve our best overall health?

Mind Body Therapies

The answer lies in thinking of the body and mind holistically. Then, implementing practices to strengthen the connection in a positive way.

Mind body therapies recognize the importance of our thoughts.

There are many ways to strengthen the connection between your mind and body—here are three:


Traditionally, yoga practice approaches the mind and body as one. Yoga poses get the blood pumping and activate the brain with increased oxygen levels.

The intentional poses wake up the mind and stimulate a change in emotional well-being as you notice each breath and every movement. There’s a variety of yoga poses to accommodate an individual’s needs—even if they have some physical limitations.


Guided meditation and mindfulness teaches you how to be fully present without overreacting to a situation. Much like yoga, this practice helps you to notice how your mind and body are interacting with one another.

Ultimately, mindfulness is a way of life that allows you to bring intention into everything you do. And the result is well-being, inside and out.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

The idea behind cognitive-behavioral therapy is to change the negative thought patterns that cause issues in our lives. It’s generally a short-term treatment where the client and therapist work together to discover the root of a belief.

Then they develop a strategy to reframe those thoughts into a more positive light.

Some insurance plans cover holistic treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. If you’re on Medicare, then you can get in touch with Medicare Wire to see if there are supplements for the services you seek.

Nurture the Connection Between the Mind and Body

Now that you have a better understanding of the mind body connection, are you inspired to take some steps to strengthen yours? What links do you notice between what’s in your mind and what’s happening with your body?

Share your experiences in the comments below and let’s have a conversation about the mind body connection.

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