What To Make Of It All?

Shift Frequency Highlights  August 3 2013

Contrary to appearances, the human species is neither crazy nor headed for oblivion. We are evolving, and doing so with great rapidity.

The Whole in which we live, move, and have being is sentient. It exists beyondas well as within sparks of awareness embedded within materiality. Its goal is to evolve and expand and experience its Self in myriad creations. To do so it relies on particles of sentience implanted within a vast plane of creative potential. While comparatively little is known or understood concerning the degree of sentience held within dolphins, whales, crows and plants (e.g.),  the human species appears to be the one that has been granted  the greatest opportunity to express individuality through creativity, imagination, self-awareness, and emotion.

But there is a conundrum to solve. It consists of the degree to which true individuality is allowed “presence” within the planetary Whole — the degree to which each individual has personally evolved and is able to exert sufficient freewill choice to clamber out of the muck and mire of dysfunctional social programming.

Dysfunctional Social Programming

Where did this come from? It certainly isn’t random. It appears that for eons certain individuals and families set themselves apart from what they derisively call the  “human herd” and declared themselves “rulers” and/or “masters of The Game.”

These have instilled rules of engagement designed to insure humanity’s experienced reality emerged within boundaries they controlled. These planetary rulers have seemingly succumbed en masse to a Luciferian complex of supreme narcissism in which life in its entirety has been designed for their singular enjoyment. Humanity – beyond a certain controllable number – are as vermin to them, and, like vermin, are to be exterminated.

For millennia the methods of extermination were limited to war and plague. Now these have expanded to include the exotic and devious:

  • manipulated food supplies
  • fascist governments
  • corrupt legal systems
  • Big Pharma concoctions
  • controlled, closed monetary (energy) systems
  • healthcare driven by finance to devastating consequence
  • a chemtrailed atmosphere raining poison on rivers, oceans, streams, farmland, forest – the entire Earth!

So here we find ourselves – individuals with the impetus to evolve – being forced to confront a controller class desirous of sinking all individuality (except theirs) into mind traps of controlled “group think.”

How Far Past Enough Is “Enough!”

These controllers are cancerous growths in humanity’s soul. And, like cancer, are perfectly willing to consume the host.

Thankfully our sentient, alive Earth has other ideas. These tiny mutant cells of power-lust, domination and control housed within her Being can neither out-maneuver nor control the greater Whole in which Earth lives, moves, and has Being.  She has solar system and greater universal forces at her disposal – frequencies outside the “controllers” grid. These greater forces are alive in the heavens and on Earth right now. Solar flares, comets whizzing by, grand trine formations, alteration of time dynamics, shifting poles – all operate in synchronicity to awaken the Logos asleep in the heart of humanity.

Look around you. Look past the illusion. This awakening is happening.


© 2013 Gillian Grannum

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