What’s the Best Laser Hair Removal Equipment?

Laser hair removal equipment offers several new options for hair removal and reduction treatments. Nowadays, technology’s evolution provides us with the opportunity to display smoother skin after receiving laser hair removal treatments. Top-of-the-line laser hair removal equipment can perform these procedures quickly and easily.

Med-aesthetic systems providing laser hair removal can give lasting hair removal treatments that are both comfortable and easy. Efficient laser hair removal equipment also allows people to undergo hair removal and reduction in fewer treatment sessions while achieving better results. Plus, laser hair removal equipment offering pulsed light or photo epilation treatments provide more precision and control that produces long-lasting results with fewer treatment sessions.

Pulsed Light or Photo epilation Treatments

Treatments using pulsed light or photo epilation utilize energy transformed to heat. That energy, once applied to active growth follicles, helps to limit the follicle’s ability to re-grow hair. The use of high heat allows a person to achieve excellent results in just a few treatment sessions.

Plus, these treatment sessions are so precise because of the technology utilized that long-lasting results occur. Also, because of the control provided by laser hair removal equipment, the skin surrounding the follicles remains protected and untouched.

The best-pulsed light or photo epilation treatments provide three handpieces and five pulse duration options. With those options in place, a technician can quickly adapt to the very different needs of their clients, ensuring they can treat specific skin types and hair colors. Also, these types of machines can treat all areas of a person’s body painlessly and with fewer treatments. That creates happy customers that are likely to spread the word about the success of their treatments.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal Equipment

Capable laser hair removal equipment offers technicians and clients plenty of benefits, including:

♦ Permanent, long-lasting hair removal.

♦ Comfortable treatments that are nearly free from pain.

♦ Precision through five pulse duration options, making it easy to adapt to different client’s needs.

♦ The ability to meet any client’s needs with three different handpiece options, providing flexibility to help clients with all areas of their bodies.

♦ Fewer treatments are necessary for clients because of the use of high-powered heat with these treatments.

♦ Proven success already exists for a bevy of happy clients.

OmniMax S3

The OmniMax S3 offers a laser hair removal equipment option that is one of the latest and most excellent machines around. With the OmniMax S3, you’ll be able to utilize dynamic pulse control, radiofrequency, and VermaDerm technology. That means this piece of laser hair removal equipment can work for a wide selection of skin needs.

The OmniMax S3 is known to deliver skin treatments that are quick and efficient while minimizing pain for clients. Clients will not need to worry about taking time off work to recover while undergoing treatments. Instead, with this machine, no downtime is necessary. Plus, patients will notice a massive difference after just a few treatment sessions.

The technology used to make the OmniMax S3 makes the machine safe for all types of clients’ needs. Since the machine’s existence comes from extensive research and has been used throughout North America, it’s a simple, one-stop-shop machine that makes things easy for technicians.

Rapid DPC

Another type of laser hair removal equipment choice, the Rapid DPC, also offers a safe way to remove hair. The Rapid DPC can also be used for other types of skin problems so that a technician only needs to utilize one machine to meet all client needs.

The Rapid DPC provides safe, efficient treatments that require no downtime and plenty of useful results. Most of the time, clients notice effects after just a few treatments.

Another benefit of the Rapid DPC as a piece of laser hair removal equipment is its affordability. It’s a cost-effective machine, and purchasing it is designed to be affordable. Plus, technicians will be able to utilize one device for all procedures, meaning the machine will pay itself off quickly.

Plus, Rapid DPC is simple to utilize and get going. Technicians can use its pre-set treatment parameters to ensure they can give clients what they want.

OmniMax S4

The third option is laser hair removal equipment, the OmniMax S4, is another machine that works for multiple procedures. The OmniMax S4 is easily customizable to meet the different needs of a wide variety of clients. This machine offers solutions for hair removal as well as a bevy of varied needs like skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, and much more.

The OmniMax S4 offers a safe, accepted machine choice that is widely used as an option in laser hair removal equipment. That means that the technology you’ll get with this machine is already proven effective and successful.

With the OmniMax S4, you’ll be able to learn one machine that offers plenty of pre-set options for different procedures. That helps technicians adapt to help meet the needs of individual clients.

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