Who Needs to Get Laser Hair Removal?

Hair removalThe laser has proven a very useful piece of technology, ever since its invention in 1960, the laser was initially something that one only expected to see in a scientist’s lab. As the technology became easier to manufacture, it also began to pop up in more places. This has resulted in today’s world where there seems to be a million and one uses for the modern laser.

Among all of these myriad uses, the application for cosmetic procedures became inevitable and now the laser is a common sight in this field, as well. Hair removal is an area in which this form of technology has proven very useful. So, who would opt for laser hair removal?

First, let’s look at how it works. A laser emits a strong beam of light, which the follicle of the hair absorbs. That intense light is converted into heat and that heat damages the follicle. Why is that a good thing? This damage means that it will take some time for the hair to return and it’s usually thinner than before. It’s because darker follicles absorb more light that laser hair treatment is most effective against dark hair.

Who gets laser hair removal done? The answer is that anyone can get it done if they want to remove unwanted hair. Make no mistake, this has become a common procedure for both women and men, as well. The next obvious question would be where can you get laser treatment done?

The only place someone can’t get laser hair removal done is in areas right around the eye, specifically the eyelid, due to the possibility of the laser damaging the eye in some way.

The most common places that people get laser therapy are:

1 The Underarm – This is one of the most common ones, because it is the place where many women shave, but hate to shave! Laser therapy makes this daily chore into something that only has to be done once in a while. It’s a tremendous timesaver for women on-the-go.

2 The Upper Lip – For many women, upper lip hair is something that they’re going to live with for the rest of their lives, but tweezing and waxing can lead to ingrown hairs and a great deal of redness in the area. Laser treatment not only reduces the instances that this has to be done, but it can also prevent the hair from returning.

3 The Chest – This is more for men than women. There are men that prefer to have a shaved chest, and laser hair removal streamlines the process. It’s also faster than taking the time to shave!

4 Feet – Some prefer not to have hair on their feet or toes and want to have that look for times when they are going to the beach or are planning to spend some time by the pool. This is also a fairly common practice before going on a vacation to a hot destination for the summer, or even the winter!

5 Hands – This is a sensitive topic for women. Men are expected to have hair on the backs of their hands, but it’s considered inelegant for women to have the same. It’s an unfair standard, but there are some who prefer to simply get rid of the unwanted hair on their hands through laser hair removal.

6 Bikini Line – Probably one of the most common but not talked about areas for hair removal is the bikini line. This may not be true for all times of the year, although some clients do prefer year-round treatments, but this is also something that’s looked into when it comes to summer vacations. The advantages of laser hair removal are the reduced number of visits as opposed to shaving or other methods of hair removal.

The truth of the matter is that, outside of the eye area, a person can get laser treatment just about anywhere they like. The only thing that a person needs to be advised on when it comes to laser hair removal is to ensure that the staff performing the procedure is properly trained.

Laser therapy may seem like something that is an easy thing for anyone to do, but there are risks involved, as with any other procedure, and it’s best that a clinic and its staff are certified in the proper use of the machinery they’re using.

The one thing that many don’t consider is that there is a recovery time from laser treatment. The laser just gets rid of hair, right? Well, the thing is that, for a day or two after the treatment, a patient should expect the treated area to look and feel like it’s sunburned. This means that a recent subject should avoid the sun for a short period of time afterwards. Other than that, it is a truly effective modern-day technique for hair removal!

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