Why Joe Biden is the Perfect Democratic Candidate

Joe BidenStephen Borthwick – Back in 2010, the Democrat Party decided they didn’t want their official logo to be a star-spangled donkey, and they went looking for a better kind of jackass to represent them. It looks like they’ve struck gold with Joe Biden.

Just like the Democrats in general, he can’t seem to remember where he was yesterday, much less how he voted 20 years ago. In opposition to the President’s triumphant celebration of America at Mount Rushmore, Biden’s Fourth of July address was full of nothing but Antifa catchphrases and the kind of self-loathing attacks on his own country that have become a religious ritual for the left since 1968.

Biden is the perfect representative of the Democratic Party in other ways, too – most of the problems his party promises he can fix are problems he either created or participated in creating. The imagined “racial injustice” he’s going to save us all from? Progressive Joe Biden opposed desegregation in the 1970s. The terrible “Russian collusion” that’s going on? Is this the same Biden who spoke so glowingly of the “rich and noble culture” of Russia back in 2010 when he was at Moscow State University? He and Obama categorically rejected “the tired theory that our values and our interests must compete”, and he was proud Americans no longer regarded Russia as a threat.

Here’s the real kicker though: all the college graduates saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt? The ones who can’t even declare bankruptcy, take the hit, and try to start from scratch? Most of them are looking to the Democrat Party to save them from their debt, and probably not one of them knows that it was Joe Biden led the charge on the blue side of the aisle to sponsor a bill back in 2005 to take away all remaining bankruptcy protections so that even if they’ve learned from their mistakes, they’ll never be free of their student debt. (That was reported in the left-wing Guardian, by the way.)

But remember: when the anarchists and communists out in Seattle decided they were done pretending to secede from the United States, they all said the next step was to vote for Biden, a guy who isn’t even sure what office he’s running for sometimes.

That’s perfect for Trump – respect for American history and a vision for America’s future can’t lose against the political hypocrisy and cultural senility of Joe Biden’s Democrats.

SF Source Trump Train News Jul 2020

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