Why Try Tea Rubs On Your Next Barbecue

Tea Outdoor barbecuing is a great activity to do with family and friends especially during summer. There’s nothing like enjoying the warm weather and indulging in the love of meat at your own backyard. Chats and bonding with family and friends are made special with a specially marinated and rubbed barbecue over a hot grill.

We could also get to share our traditional homemade recipes for barbecue dry rubs. Our natural tendency for gastronomic exploration makes us seek out new flavors and innovate on our usual mixes, marinades and rubs. Tea rubs can be an excellent barbecue rub innovation you can try out on your next backyard barbecue session.

Tea Leaves Have A Great Aroma

Aside from great taste, it’s also the aroma that attracts us to that particular food. The same is true with barbecues. Applying rubs with ingredients that can enhance aroma can catch the attention of your family and friends as you cook your barbecue.

Tea leaves have that mild, lovely aroma that doesn’t overpower the distinct aroma of other spices and herbs and yet stands out at the same time. This complementary characteristic of tea leaves makes it a great addition to your barbecue rub.

Tea Leaves Make You One with Nature

The natural, leafy flavor of tea that blends with other herbs and spices works in excellent harmony to the meaty taste of barbecue. Tea can be considered as another type of earthy herbs along with coriander seed, cumin, achiote and kratom. They are so called because of the earthy taste that they give out, making your gastronomic experience one that is close to nature. Earthy and leafy flavors bring out that feeling of lightness and satiation as you dig in to one of the American classic recipes – barbecued ribs.

Tea Gives Meat a Flavorful Kick

Tea leaves, especially jasmine tea leaves, not only enhance the aroma of barbecued meat, they also give a distinct flavor to your barbecue. Not only that, tea leaves add extra smokiness and bring out the natural flavor of meat and other herbs and spices rubbed into it. The caffeine in the tea leaves will give your spice rub an extra kick that will liven up your mood while you savor the rich, spicy and mouth-watering grilled barbecue.

Tea is a Versatile Ingredient

Tea is an ingredient that goes along well with other spices and herbs that are used for cooking. It doesn’t have a strong taste and has a lovely, soothing aroma that blends well with the aromas of other spices. It can also be used as a meat tenderizer because of its tannin content. Also, the flavor enhancement of tea works with many types of cooking – grilling, broiling, frying, roasting and stewing.

There are still many other reasons why you should use tea as additional or alternative ingredient for your barbecue rubs. Applying this flavorful innovation to your barbecue rubs will surely be a pleasant surprise for family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who will be attending your next backyard barbecue party. Experimentation and creativity are highly encouraged when it comes to cooking. Homemade recipes can still be made much better by trying out novel ingredients. Don’t be afraid to try things out. There are still a lot of flavors to discover out there. Try tea rubs on your next barbecue for a pleasant change.

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