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Fake News! How And Why It Occurred And What’s At Stake

When Truth Telling Becomes “Fake News” And Mainstream News “State Controlled Propaganda”

Sound Bites

The Times, They Are A-Rockin

“Agent Smiths” And Matrix Mind

Uniformity – Weapon of Mass Control

Making Sense Of Nonsense

New Year Seemingly Complete With Same Rotten Agenda. (And Yet?)


Financial Deceptions And Corporate Power Grabs

The Growing Divide

NWO Kicks Off Agenda During Blood Moon Eclipse Cycle

Energy Control And Electromagnetic Manipulation

So, Exactly What’s Going On?

“All Is Not As It Seems” Is An Absolute Truth

Maintaining A Society of Illusory Hangups Requires Energy – (Lots Of It)

The Ring Of Power And Perverted Control

It Begins . . .

People Power Rising

Energy Manipulations In And Beyond Space Time

Symmetrical Patterns Persist. Asymmetrical Patterns Do Not

Double, Double Toil And Trouble; Fire Burn, And Caldron Bubble

Thought Parasites And Loss Of Informed Consent

The War For Consciousness

We Can Feed The Matrix or Starve It

This Control Matrix Is Doomed To Fail

The Day Greed Triumphed And Fiat Money Died

Quantum Entanglement, Cycles & Shifts

Out With The Old. In With The Same

“Talk about engineered overload!” – Zen Gardner

The Elite Aren’t All That “Elite”

The Matrix: It’s Not Really Real

The Best Laid Plans Seldom Go As Planned

“Love. Be in it.” ~ Dana Mrkich

“It Doesn’t Take Much To Dispel Darkness. Just Turn On The Light” – Zen Gardner

It’s All Smoke ‘n Mirrors Except When It Isn’t

In A Time Of Universal Deceit – Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act ~George Orwell

It’s The “False Evidence Appearing Real” Chaos Agenda

There’s an Inter-Dimensional War Engaging Us

Say It Ain’t So (And Mean It)

Don’t Look Here … Look Over There

Seeing Through The Illusion

“There’s Many A Slip Twixt The Cup And The Lip”

Crossroads In Time – Be Mired Or Rise 

The Devil’s Brew Morphs Into A Can Of Worms

Globalists Tear Nation States Asunder For Plunder

Are We Being Snowed In, Discernment Challenged – Or Both?

GMO – It’s A Killer

How The Game Is Played

It’s Not All “Doom ‘n Gloom”

Dawn Must Be Close At Hand

Hanging In The Balance

The Cabal Rewards Its Operatives Handsomely

Revisionist Truths

Forget Sublime. It’s Just Ridiculous

A Zombie Apocalypse

Crossroads in Time

Monsanto – Creature From The Abyss

It’s So Rigged It’s Rotting At The Core

The Hidden Agenda – Perniciousness At Its Worst

Widening Cracks Appear In the “Dominate & Control” Matrix

Tangled Webs Begin To Unravel

The New Plagues – Chips Off An Old Agenda

Health Hell – An Illuminati Creation

Greedopoly ~ A PlayMakers Game

An Imperial Presidency Controlled By Banksters Unveils Its Contempt For The American People

America’s Precipitous Fall In Prestige & Power 

It’s All Energy

The “2 Earths” 3D/5D Timelines

The Financial Game Goes On

Seeds Of America’s Destruction Sown In The Civil War Are Now Trees In Need Of An Axe


The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bad Agendas

Where Are We Now?

American Middle East Policy – Fallacious, Fatuous, And Fragmented

Choice Matters, Especially Now

Merging 3D With 5D Requires “Suspension of Disbelief”

What To Make Of It All?

Cycles In 3D – The Once & Future Water King

Truth Gets Made Up In 3D

What A Wickedly Wacky Week

No Rest For The Aware

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blather

Thanks for making Shift Frequency A Popular Blog

Conscious Creation” Trumps “Spontaneous Creation” In My Reality

Energize With Mother Earth Today And Everyday

From Nonduality to Predeterminism And Back Again

Guides ~ how to create experience consciously

Shift Frequency (into alignment with Now)

So, how did we end up on earth? 


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