You May Need To Fasten Your Seatbelt!

fasten seatbeltAdeana M. Slater – At the end of ‘2019, you were encouraged to rest and prepare yourselves for much that is to transpire in this New Year ‘2020. So far, it seems as we have started out with a big, loud ‘BANG.’ Similar to runners in their stance waiting for the starting pistol to signal them to take off “like a shot” down the track. So it is for you as you navigate the higher energies and your own personal path.

In some instances, it will seem as though you are facing challenges more often than not lately. As you continue to ‘sprint’ through life, you are also dodging obstacles in your way that are attempting to slow you down or knock you off course. Any hardships that you face are here to build your personal strength and assist in your inherent desire to align to your higher purpose and capabilities. As difficult as it is, we learn and grow the most when faced with adversity.

This energy may be testing and pushing you to recognize what you have settled for in the past that no longer resonates with you, or is for your highest good. You are being guided to adjust to the newfound opportunities that are presented to you. Fortunately, most are feeling the desire to change all aspects of their life that no longer serves them. This makes transformation much easier to accept and is becoming welcomed with ready, willing, and open hearts by the majority of humanity.

Don’t be fooled, especially now, as the lower energies are scrambling to linger and are literally grasping at anything and everything to stay in existence. It is especially being revealed in the media in attempt to bring you feelings of fear or anger. If you feel yourself slipping backwards and settling into either fear or anger, you will be able to recognize this rather quickly NOW and can redirect your reaction and your energy. Remember to focus on heart-center and ground your energy often into your “I AM” presence.

Even in times of devastation, Lightworkers are joining together all over the World and sending their love and light to those who need it. The evidence of this is the recent and current Australian fires. People gathered in unity to pray for rain and send love to those affected. The response was astronomical and will continue to be so as more prayers are being said.

We must remember to stay in our utmost strength with peace and love in our hearts. Try and stay positive as much as possible. Do not allow those of the “elite” who are losing their power over the masses, weaken your warrior stance. Their sought after “loosh” is depleting rather quickly as the LIGHT has covered much of the darkness and those lingering within it.

As always, your heart will answer any questions that you have. Silence your mind and go within your heart. Just like the transparency meter has been turned up, your senses have also heightened. You are beginning to feel/sense the answers more easily and are also allowing intuition to guide you in the right direction more readily.

There is going to be more “turbulence” throughout this year as things continue to be shaken and jostled about. You may need to fasten your seatbelt! We are soaring high and very quickly to the ‘exposure’ destination.

Throughout this process, please send love and healing out onto and within Gaia. We are together. We are in unity.


Love and Light to ALL, Adeana

SF Source In5D Jan 2020

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