Your Sense Of Identity Is Shifting

expectationsKate Spreckley – We are in a time of deep restoration and rebirth where the existing order of life is being dissolved. As a result, we are experiencing a crisis in the existing structure of our lives as our conventional and fixed way of life collapses. Within this crisis we are being offered a powerful opportunity to shift our consciousness and expand our awareness beyond that which we have always known.

If we learn to view the world from a higher perspective, we can see that the old structures are but a reflection of our own behavioral patterns and solidified habits. With that understanding we can see how necessary transformation and change really is.

As the illusions of the ordinary reality continue to unravel your sense of identity will shift. To manage this shift you are required to look carefully at the motivations, attachments, expectations, and beliefs you hold that keep you stuck in old patterns and old habits.

Remember that anything that is motivated by fear will generate judgement, guilt, shame, and doubt. Anything that is motivated by your soul will bring discernment, insight, love, and wisdom. If you anchor yourself within your soul during these times of crisis and chaos you will feel more secure on your path, free from fear and able to maintain clarity while being challenged.

Much love, Kate

© 2021 Kate Spreckley

SF Source Spirit Pathways Oct 2021


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