Tailor your Voice for different Purposes

voiceJill Mattson – Our voice is a “many splendored tool,” which we do not use to its full potential. We don’t even know it can be tailored for different purposes. Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master, suggested that you could tell a successful man by the quality of his voice alone. The quickest way to be successful is to alter his voice. Wow, could that really be so?

Why not try it? It can’t be that hard. Listen to the voices of highly successful people that you admire and notice what you like about their voice and then incorporate it into your own voice. Watch your life change!

A powerful voice technique is to practice tailoring your voice to the purpose at hand!

We project our voice into different parts of our body, simply by directing our attention to a certain point in our body. For example, we can speak from our gut. Try it! Let’s imagine our voice located in our gut. That’s all we have to do! Notice that the tones are lower than sound coming from our head. Different emotions and energy are generated when we direct our sounds to a specific part of our body.

The energy and information of our chakras gets into our voice when we direct it to these areas.

The Root Chakra. Projecting sound to our tailbone produces a rooting and grounding feeling (and think of the color red). A voice that resounds in this area reflects a person who is working on survival and physical needs.

When we stand up for ourselves, our voice echoes in this area of our body. This voice is strong. It is difficult to abuse a person with sound resonating here. He sounds too strong to mess with! In contrast, when a person is frightened, the tones resonate further up his body.  Deepak Chopra has a voice with energy from his root chakra.

The Sacral Chakra. Sound resonating in our gut (About 3 to 6 inches below the belly button – think orange) carries our passions and emotions. Sexual, emotional and balance issues are carried from this area of our body. With this energy, our voice often has a rhythmic and compelling feeling.

The Solar Plexus Chakra. Sounds filling the area of our solar plexus (About 3 inches above the belly button – think yellow) resound with confidence and an empowered sense of self-worth. Personal power and self-will radiate from this area. People are more apt to trust a person with confidence and perceive them to be a “Successful Bet” when they hear energy from this chakra.

Try saying a few words, just thinking of each of these chakras. Notice how your voice changes. Your voice (the tonal quality – not the symbolic meaning of the words) influences people – a lot. They subconsciously respond to the energy in your voice. This is a powerful, nonverbal technique to make you more powerful in your relationships with people! In a few days, we’ll cover the last three major chakras.

SF Source Jill’s Wings of Light Jun 2018

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