1,000 Lawyers And 10,000 Doctors File Lawsuit For Violations Of Nuremberg Code

Sven-Allan Johansson – A large team of more than 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts, led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, has initiated legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. 

Fuellmich and his team present the incorrect PCR test and the order for doctors to describe any comorbidity death as a Covid death – as fraud.

The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is almost 100% inaccurate at 35 cycles. All PCR tests monitored by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC acknowledges that tests over 28 cycles are not allowed for a positive reliable result.

This invalidates over 90% of the alleged Covid cases / “infections” detected by the use of this incorrect test.

In addition to the incorrect tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself violates Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. 

Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not required for the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. 

According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a serious breach of the Convention.

The “Experimental” Vaccine Violates All 10 Nuremberg Codes – Which Carry The Death Penalty For Those Who Try To Break These International Laws:

1) Provides immunity to the virus

This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims that they reduce the symptoms, but double-vaccinated are now 60% of patients who need ER or ICU with covid infections.

2) Protects the recipients from getting the virus

This gene therapy does not provide immunity and the double vaccine can still catch and spread the virus.

3) Reduces deaths due to viral infection

This gene therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-vaccinated people infected with Covid have also died.

4) Reduces the circulation of the virus

This gene therapy still allows the virus to spread because it gives zero immunity to the virus.

5) Reduces the transmission of the virus

This gene therapy still allows transmission of the virus because it does not confer immunity to the virus.

The following violations of the Nuremberg Code apply:

Nuremberg Code # 1: Voluntary consent is important

No person should be forced to take a medical experiment without informed consent. 

Many media, political and non-medical people urge people to take the injection. 

They do not provide information about the negative effects or dangers of this gene therapy. All you hear from them is – “safe and effective” and “the benefits outweigh the risks.” 

Countries use blockades, coercion and threats to force people to take this vaccine or are banned from participating in free society under the mandate of a vaccine pass or Green Pass. 

During the Nuremberg trials, the media were also prosecuted and members were killed for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Nuremberg Code # 2: Yields with fruitful results that cannot be produced by other means

As mentioned above, gene therapy does not meet the criteria for a vaccine and does not offer immunity to the virus. There are other medical treatments that give fruitful results against Covid, such as Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc and strengthened immune system for flu and colds.

Nuremberg Code # 3: Basic experiments as a result of animal experiments and natural history disease

This gene therapy skipped animal experiments and went directly to human experiments. 

In mRNA research used by Pfizer – a candidate study on mRNA with rhesus macaques monkeys using BNT162b2 mRNA and in that study all monkeys developed pneumonia but the researchers considered the risk low because these were young healthy monkeys from 2-4 years of age. 

Israel has used Pfizer and the International Court of Justice has accepted a requirement that 80% of recipients with pneumonia should be injected with this gene therapy. 

Despite this alarming development, Pfizer continued to develop its mRNA for Covid, without animal testing.

Nuremberg Code # 4: Avoid all unnecessary suffering and injury

Since the launch of the experiment and listed under the CDC VAERS reporting system, over 4,000 deaths and 50,000 vaccine injuries have been reported in the United States. In the EU, more than 7,000 deaths and 365,000 vaccine injuries have been reported. This is a serious violation of this code.

Nuremberg Code # 5: No experiment should be performed if there is reason to believe that injury or death will occur

See No. 4, based on fact-based medical data, this gene therapy causes death and injury. Previous research on mRNA also shows several risks that have been ignored for this current experimental gene experiment. A 2002 study of SARS-CoV-1 nail proteins showed that they cause inflammation, immunopathology, blood clots and inhibit Angiotensin 2 expression. This experiment forces the body to produce this nail protein that inherits all these risks.

Nuremberg Code # 6: The risk should never exceed the benefit

Covid-19 has a recovery rate of 98-99%. Vaccine damage, death, and adverse side effects of mRNA gene therapy far outweigh this risk. 

The use of “leaky” vaccines was banned for agricultural use by the US and the EU due to the Marek Chicken study which shows “hot viruses” and variants appear… make the disease even more deadly. 

Nevertheless, this has been ignored for human use by the CDC aware that the risk of new, more deadly variants arises from leaky vaccinations. The CDC is fully aware that the use of leaky vaccines facilitates the emergence of hotter (more deadly) strains. Yet they have ignored this when it comes to humans

Nuremberg Code # 7: Preparations must be made for even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death

No preparations were made. This gene therapy skipped animal experiments. The pharmaceutical companies’ own clinical phase 3 studies will not end until 2022/2023. These vaccines were approved in an Emergency Use only action to force on a misinformed public. They are NOT FDA approved.

Nuremberg Code # 8: Experiments must be carried out by scientifically qualified persons

Politicians, the media and actors who claim that this is a safe and effective vaccine are not qualified. Propaganda is not medical science. 

Many stores such as Walmart & drive-through vaccine centers are not qualified to administer experimental medical gene therapies to the uninformed public.

Nuremberg Code # 9: Everyone must have the freedom to end the experiment at any time

Despite the call from over 85,000 doctors, nurses, virologists and epidemiologists – the experiment does not end. In fact, there are currently many attempts to change laws to enforce vaccine compliance. 

This includes mandatory and mandatory vaccinations. Experimental “sprayers” are planned every six months without using the growing number of deaths and injuries already caused by this experiment. 

These update images will be administered without any clinical trials. Hopefully, this new Nuremberg trial will put an end to this crime against humanity.

Nuremberg Code # 10: The researcher must terminate the experiment at any time if there is a probable cause for injury or death

It is clear from statistical reporting data that this experiment leads to death and injury. But not all politicians, pharmaceutical companies and so-called experts make any attempt to stop this gene therapy experiment from harming a misinformed public.

Legal proceedings are progressing, evidence has been gathered and a large growing group of experts is sounding the alarm.

SF Source Humans Are Free May 2021

66 thoughts on “1,000 Lawyers And 10,000 Doctors File Lawsuit For Violations Of Nuremberg Code

  1. I did not see in the article to which court the lawsuit has been filed? What is its progress as of end of October 2021

    1. Hi Dexter, please contact Dr. Fuellmich concerning this very important request. I don’t know how German courts work. Perhaps they allow Friends of the Court briefs. But I honestly don’t know if you can add litigants after papers are filed -g

    1. Hi Rachel, I’d imagine Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. He’s the German lawyer driving this effort. I honestly don’t know if, after a lawsuit is filed, more plaintiffs can be added to the suit. Fuellmich is the person to answer that. Unfortunately, I don’t have his contact details.

  2. The most recent revelation that seemed to explain some of the ideas that following the money uncovers in the intelligence world is interestingly relevant . The vaccine is not a vaccine , but does produce the same toxic mess, spike proteins that the so called viral infection advancing to case of with at least Sars 2 COVID-19 pneumonia. This is when the Doctors pull out the most cost effective and low risk treatment that they’ve been using the ivermectin cocktail protocol for an impressive 100% successful 2-3 day home treatment. And this is the exposed crimes against humanity , NIH, CDC, Lancet, smeared the doctor American hero’s reputation and have kept the treatments that work a secret . The result of huge healthcare systems following federal guidelines blindly costing 500,000 deaths !

      1. Wow! Thank you, God of the Universe, who sees all and knows all, and can predict with precision all future outcomes.

        Of course you are correct. There are multiple timelines at play and one of them will most certainly support your negative prophecy. This timeline – the one Shift Frequency is on – isn’t that timeline, and never will be. -g

      2. Hi is the news of the court judgement in Canada fake that ruled a person can prosecute thier employer under the nurenburgh code for requing the death jab?

      3. I have no idea whether a Canadian court has voided the death jab utilizing the Nuremberg court decision. If they have kudos to them! -g

      1. You’re certainly free to make this into a “pipe dream.” My choice is to INTEND that this court process moves forward expeditiously and successfully removes these demonic tyrants from planetary control. Make no mistake, this demonic agenda consists of genocide and total enslavement of all who survive the track ‘n trace jab. We need to use all tools at our disposal to stop this before it becomes Earth’s dystopian future.

  3. It is now 8/26… can we get a 3 month progress update on this? Is there a site to go to see progress? If you need help building a site or managing the content for this please let me know… I’m willing to freely provide my time and services. Thanks

    1. There are no updates to the case, its filing, and so on. However Dr. Reiner Fuellmich does interviews with specialists (e.g. patent specialists) who add huge ammo to declaring this a planned and executed medical genetics/eugenics experiment that must be stopped. Search online through places like Rumble or Bitchute for his interviews. Here’s the one with the patent office Doc. https://www.bitchute.com/video/CpScQLNFruTu/


    1. We all help by becoming awake and aware of the agenda. Evil thrives in darkness. This agenda is EVIL. The more light cast upon it the greater the likelihood of defeating it.

      With everything being as corrupt as it is, the solution is We the People united in saying NO to this agenda. For example, when more than half a workforce is willing to get fired rather than submit to tyranny corporations forcing these abominations are put in the only position that matters to them – the loss of profit. A trained workforce is a valuable commodity, one that is not so easily thrown away when the rebellion is likely to sink the ship. So share the info to those who are beginning to sense that something’s very, very wrong with this push to vaccinate a global population with untested mRNA vaccines that SPREAD COVID and are killing and harming recipients.

  5. I am soo saddened that draconian law is alive in Sydney, The most part of the human race blindly go with the lie

  6. Agree full heartedly with the analysis! The very fact that the big Pharm companies were granted immunity to any and all deaths plus the thousands of adverse debilitating medical problems is to me just a common sense reason not to submit to this idiotic “shot”!! If a company can’t stand behind its product that product is worthless in my estimation!! No shot for me!!

    1. Unfortunately, as active participants in Bill Gates’ eugenics agenda the vaccine industry has been protected for DECADES by the US govt.

      The fact that this is NOT a pandemic but a eugenics exercise is proved by the fact that Biden now intends to send folks door to door to encourage vaccines. They’re also talking about MANDATING this experimental poison. Fortunately the Nuremberg Code is active and NO ONE can be forced against their will to submit to a medical experiment. -g

  7. I have not and I will not submit to any of these mandates. Least of all the shots they deceptively call vaccines. No anti vaxxer I have seen enough in this episode to have decided for myself once and for all that I am now. I had little enough faith in the medical establishment but now it, its ‘health care providers’ and the soulless drug companies and vaccine manufacturers are all one and the same and they collectively fall within the definition of Satan for me today. I don’t need anyone else to make my stand, it is made whether I be one or one of billions.

    Those who submit to this slavery are not my fellows in humanity. They are surrendering their free agency as humans and making it inordinately difficult for the rest of us to keep ours in the process. To these I wish happy jabbing. Get your vaccines and shut the f… up until we hear your death rattle. That this is almost certainly the fate of all who submit to the filth forms one of the few silver linings to be seen.

    1. Finally hear some reality. Ive been saying since day 1. Wear a mask for any reason. Youre complying. Youre the problem , especially if you take ut off right after using it to get ur soda at a gas station. I walk in and take my mother f****n’ soda, throw the money on the counter if they think im goibg to veil my face and signal im one of them even for a second, theyre smokin some really good sh*t. Im a believer in Christ and Im a believer in my freedom and rights . I dont willingly give up in the slightest. Dealing with the unfair fu**ery has been a b*tch but better than being a punk a$$ sellout like a ll the little baaaaaashful sheep out there. As they all try to make love to their televisions whispering make me more stupid with the remote halfway lodged up their a$$. Thats being controlled. They let their minds go to satans whorehouse. Fools.

  8. Please save us!!!! We are in a subtle dictatorship!!! They are violating all human rights!They force us by any means to v@c c1 n@ te with these exper1m3nt@l 1nj3 cti0n$!!!!
    Thank you from my whole heart for fighting!!! God help us all!!!

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