12:21 Solstice Portal to the Great Central Sun

1212Meg Benedicte – The sacred window between 12:12 and 12:21 provides the most potent manifesting magic of the year….the portal is open thru December 21st while Gaia aligns with zero point energy at the Galactic Center. Many of you are raising your consciousness so that you can be Wayshowers into higher levels of awareness and stabilizers of the crystalline grids. There are many karmic timelines that need to be resolved, closed and dissolved before the New Earth can be fully activated and manifested.

The Cosmos have handed us the perfect ‘fresh start’ recipe to launch our Ascension lives.  We are being encouraged to ‘let go’ of our past and create new realities in our lives. Whatever we initiate during the 12:12 – 12:21 Sun Stargate will ripple into the quantum field of all possibilities.

The annual Solstice occurs on 12:21 – the day that 12 and 21 are mirror opposites bringing all into union, into Oneness! The Solstice is always a moment when Balance is required, and everything that is out of Balance is felt intensely. As you breathe in the crystalline plasma Light codes, more dormant Soul DNA will ignite and activate within the merkabic light body.

12 is a sacred symbol, a universal ascension code that signifies attainment of 12thdimensional Christed Divinity. We are connecting with the 12 dimensions, the 12 strand DNA, the 12 codes of Metatronian geometry, the 12 phi harmonics and the 12 Tribes of the Great Central Sun.

During this 10 day window of potent creational energy flow, take some time to do sacred ceremony and meditation and envision your Soul’s Life plan. Let your 5D imagination run free in the quantum holographic field. You are birthing your Soul’s destiny and the ascending New Earth in Unity Consciousness.

The Galactic Codes are initiating a united Time Line where all ascending souls will align with the New Earth Ascension timeline in Harmony and Peace. Envision yourself as Masters of Time, merging the current and Future Timelines as you manifest in the Still Point of the eternal “Now”. You are the Earth Keepers, the Gridworkers, the Warriors of Light. You are the Wayshowers, you were born for this. You are weaving a multitude of ascended timelines into forming the New Earth. It is aligned with Divine Will and the Cosmic Ascension Plan for Gaia and Humanity.

We will join together on Friday, December 21st at 12pm PT in a global activation broadcast and ignite the sacred geometry of Metatron, as we advance into becoming Light. Join other Earth Keepers and Star Beings from all around the world, as we form a ‘group mind’ and birth our New Earth.

The show is recorded for replay.  If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=207278

SF Source New Central Earth Dec 2018

4 thoughts on “12:21 Solstice Portal to the Great Central Sun

  1. Hi Meg I’m just wondering is all this about the Light Codes and the DNA and our bodies
    going to an crystalline base is this going to take place around the 21st all going at once
    it would be really exciting to know that I wont have this learning disability that has
    haunted me since I was two years old anymore. It was a very good article also

    1. I doubt everyone will suddenly evolve to crystal based bodies on Dec 21. Folk who’ve worked assiduously at uplifting planetary frequencies and have adjusted their diets and engaged in rigorous cleansing rituals are likely to achieve some success. However, just as plants of the SAME SPECIES grow and mature at different rates humans also grow and mature at different rates.

      Thankfully more humans are awakening rapidly and that is far more likely to be based on shifts in the Schumann resonance fields and upticks in frequency bathing the planet at this time than transformative shifts in DNA. – g

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