A Blue Moon Cycle Begins This Week

blue moonThis week’s full moon in Libra on 21st March UT begins a cycle which culminates in a blue moon (also in Libra) on 19th April.

An astrological blue moon is the second full moon in a solar month. It’s a fairly rare phenomenon, the last one occurring in June 2016. A blue moon acts like a full moon amplified, with energy building throughout the month between the first full moon and the second. Consequently this month is a good time to do what’s needed to bring things to fruition. If we use the energy of a blue moon cycle to our advantage we can achieve great things with it. Like a full moon on steroids it will deliver potent results, so it’s up to us to be sure the efforts we make will deliver the results we want!

You don’t need to be an experienced astrologer to understand something of what a particular blue moon means for you. You simply have to stop and take a good, honest look at your life at the time of the full moon prior to the blue one. That’s the one which begins the current blue moon cycle on 20th/21st March. This full moon is in the same sign as the blue moon, so they’re energetically connected. The first full moon acts as an initial phase of completion brought to deeper fruition come the blue moon a month later…..

You can read more about how to get the best out of a blue moon in my article here.

SF Source Astro Awakenings Mar 2019

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