A Time Of Deep Collective & Individual Healing

collectiveKate Spreckley – Currently there is a heaviness to the energy which is difficult to escape as we are being forced to confront what needs to be changed both on a collective level and an individual level. The despair, pain and suffering in the world is becoming more and more evident as recent events shake our current situations and expose the shadows.

The structures that have held our world together are crumbling bringing transformation and change. As such difficult truths, unconscious programming and unhealed pain is surfacing as we are confronted with long standing issues that have haunted the collective.

Life is being irrevocably changed and you need to really tap into your courage to cope what is truly happening. You are coming face to face with the suffering and devastation held within the collective as the shadow aspects of the world rise up for healing and release.

Bear witness to it all but remember that letting go is the only real option you have right now. Allow yourself to feel any grief, anger or sadness but let it flow through you. Do not complicate things by overanalyzing what you are feeling. Recognize that this is a collective purge of ancient fears, which have been passed down from generation to generation. To ease the strain be compassionate and gentle with yourself and others. Acknowledge that this is a time of deep collective and individual healing.

SF Source Spirit Pathways Jul 2021

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