Actress Rose McGowan Calls Out Newsom et al.

McGowanAmerican Conservatives – Actress Rose McGowan recently revealed a ton of scandals involving top Democrat officials in California. While Gov. Gavin Newsom faces a recall election in California, some celebrities are supporting the recall and trying to get him out.

In the recent reports, McGowan explained how Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom acted as a “go-between” for lawyer David Boies representing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Boies had wanted her to sign a $1 million non-disclosure contract to buy her silence, which she had refused. While McGowan was unclear if it was exactly Jessica who came up with the offer, it turns out that her brother-in-law is the son of Schiller. Schiller runs the Boies Schiller law firm alongside lawyer David Boies, which is not a coincidence for McGowan.

McGowan said that Jessica had called her on behalf of the longtime lawyer of Hillary and Bill Clinton and Weinstein regarding an attempt to hush her 2017 sexual assault accusations against Weinstein. McGowan described her as “cold” and that she said, “David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy.” McGowan had told her there wasn’t a “fiscal numeration” that would make her happy. She even adds that Jessica inferred she was a Weinstein rape victim in order to get into the community and get the details from victims.

“A message for @gavinnewsom @JenSiebelNewsom @TheDemocrats We are done with your lies. For all good, honest people of California, the time is now. GET HIM OUT. #recall,” McGowan tweeted.

The actress went on to call out the governor and his wife for being a “fraud” and said that was why Gavin is facing a recall in the first place. She said she had all of the receipts and wish she was wrong but that he is on the “side of wrong.” She said she hopes the recall goes through because California and the nation do not need Newsom, adding that she will appear alongside leading GOP contender Larry Elder.

Newsom was also caught accepting very expensive bottles of wine from a lawyer who hired spies to “dig up dirt” on Weinstein’s accusers. While other people cut ties with Boies and Weinstein, Newsom continued to turn a blind eye to their dirty work (in exchange for a $300 bottle of wine). The worst part is that Newsom has continued to be a champion of the #MeToo movement despite his involvement with Weinstein and his 2007 affair with a subordinate while he was mayor of San Francisco.

McGowan officially endorsed conservative talk radio host Larry Elder in California’s recall election, adding that she no longer considers herself a Democrat. She went on to say that everyone who has harassed, stalked, and stolen from her in Hollywood has been a Democrat. She even brought up former president Barack Obama’s daughter’s internship with the Weinstein Company, adding that they are “all in on it.” She said Elder was the better candidate and man for the job, even if they don’t agree on every issue.

McGowan even called out the Black Lives Matter movement, arguing that people should stop labeling each other based on race and start focusing on humanity instead. She said people should take the time to listen to Elder’s message and policy views, adding that he might just know more than you live in a different skin.

“They want to hear that the more we micro-label each other, the better we’ll be. The reality is, today, I challenge this state, I challenge these voters, I challenge the media, to back up. Be human first, vote for humanity,” McGowan said.

While not everyone agrees with what McGowan has to say, she speaks her mind and has a lot of courage going up against Hollywood and the Democrats. Elder has the momentum to unseat Newsom as long as the ballots aren’t botched and California isn’t up to any tricks.

SF Source American Conservatives Sep 2021

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